Scarves and a big bust

Hey everyone! Today I want to talk about scarves. You know, the one single accessory every expert recommends adding to an outfit for instant panache. However, with a large bust scarves don’t work like they do for others. Many times I feel strangled by the scarf or it’s billowing up adding lots of volume already on top of lots of volume of a big bust or it’s perched on my shelf drowning me in fabric. And I love scarves. I love the colors and patterns and they do add instant panache to an outfit. Here are three different scarves with the same outfit so you can see what works best for my body and outfit and perhaps for yours.

The first scarf is a thin, silky,  infinity scarf that I knotted so it wouldn’t lasso a boob and the knot weighs it down and pulls it away from my chin. This way it shows some neck and some of the neckline of my dress.



This second scarf is another infinity scarf with lots of fabric. I love the pattern and I think the size of it fits my body size. However, I don’t wear it often unless it’s cold outside because I really do drown in it and it sits up high on my shelf.


You can see how I’ve styled other scarves in this post about wearing pink and not looking too cute and this post about feeling confident and stylish!


Gosh, I’m a glutton for punishment. I love this scarf and love the color and pattern and how the bright color shocks an outfit. It’s not an infinity scarf, rather a long rectangular traditional scarf. I’ve tried many ways of knotting it to get it down and away from my face so there looks like there is a gap between my chin and my bust though it still adds volume.


Here are a few scarves I’m loving right now: dark floral, black and white and sparrow! Who doesn’t love a sparrow scarf!


So, for me, adding a scarf is a trade-off. Yes, you do add color and pattern to an outfit and it can really pull an outfit together. And, yes, you do add volume to an already voluminous torso. Sometimes that matters and sometimes it doesn’t, so just keep it in mind and recognize that this is one of those exceptions to the rule for us exceptional big-busted women!

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Add some spring color!

Though it says its spring, here in Michigan it is very drab with just the grass starting to green up. I thought I would brighten things up with some bright colors. I wore this skirt a ton last fall because it is the color of the grass right before it turns gray and is covered in snow. It is always a very different green because it’s set agains the drying weeds and falling leaves and lots of browns — very different than spring green grass.






Jacket (old) from Dress Barn. Skirt here and on sale! Shirt (old) from Loft. Jewelry (old) from White House Black Market.

So, one of the reasons I started this blog is to address how the fashion “rules” are different for women with big busts. Though many of the rules (and with that I mean advice for the most flattering look) work for any size or shape there are definite considerations that women with big busts have to consider that women with smaller busts do not have to contend with. Also, the apple shape (no defined waist, carries weight in the center of the body) is a hard shape to dress. I have both of those and I had to learn how to make clothing work for me after a 20 year hiatus from the working world (aka stay-at-home mom who wears sweatshirts and jeans). I am a designer by trade and took this on as a project. I plan to share with you all that I have learned and continue to learn so that fashion empowers you rather than intimidates you. I want you to get the confidence boost a nice looking outfit can give you. I didn’t understand that little “spring in your step” that an outfit can give you until I figured out my body at this age, fashion/style at this point, what looks good on me and what style fits my personality. So, continue to stay tuned as I unravel all of this knowledge and coach you to find your most beautiful, confident you!

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Goodbye winter!

The snow is melting here in Michigan so we can take off the heavy sweaters and maybe (gasp) show some bare arm! Here is my outfit that still provides some warmth but is leaning towards spring.
Tunic for Apple Shapes -

Tunic for Apple Shapes -

Tunic for Apple Shapes - www.whenthegirlsrule.comTunic here and on sale! Sweater vest here and also on sale! Super soft, comforting leggings that hold up to much wear and tear here  and of course on sale. (Don’t you love how I buy full price and test it out so you can buy on sale?)

This tunic is nice because it’s a heavier ponte fabric so doesn’t cling and show every beautiful curve. The vest breaks up the whole front without adding too much warmth and the leggings are just the most acceptable way to wear pajama bottoms in public!

This is also an introduction to Skittles, one of the many photo-bombers I expect will be involved with the making of this blog!


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