The Other Side Of My Spring Dress!

Hey everyone! On Monday’s post I showed you the solid colored side of my newest spring dress which happens to be reversible (yay!) and today is the patterned side. I love the light colors and the pattern size is perfect. Not too small and not too big!

Spring Dress For Women Over 40! |

The dress is 3/4 sleeve and skims without clinging. When it’s on the solid side I feel you can see too many lumps and bumps, so I will always be wearing something over the top of it, but the patterned side distracts the eye so you don’t notice them as much. Did I mention it’s now 30% off?

Spring Dress For Women Over 40! | whenthegirlsrule.comI’m wearing my long cardigan you saw last week. I love the straight line of the cardigan. It’s so crisp looking but is so soft. Plus, I love the detail of the sleeve. It’s also available in black. The purse is a couple of years old, so no longer available, but I found several cute ones with the same houndstooth fabric that are available.

Spring Dress For Women Over 40! |

I decided to wear lighter gray tights so the outfit is leaning more towards spring than winter. You’ve seen these heels many, many times and they’re still available, not just in the black suede I have, but also black patent and a “victorian rose“.

Spring Dress For Women Over 40! |

As we’re getting closer to the blog’s second birthday (still waiting on your RSVP at!) I’m thinking about where to take the blog for the third year. I’m going to set up a survey here soon (when I can figure out how to do it!) so I can hear from all of you. You’ve heard me say this many times, but I love getting feedback from you, whether it’s comments here or a comment on Instagram or Facebook or Pinterest. I love when you share my posts on social media with your friends and it makes me feel so honored that you’re willing to show others a blog you read. So, sign up for the email notification so you can be sure to receive the survey and thanks for being a part of this supportive community!

See you Friday!

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Getting Casual With Dresses!

Hey everyone! I hope you had a great weekend and are back at it today! I am! Anyway, I think dresses are an apple-shaped woman’s best friend. They are so easy to style since they count as a top and bottom and if you get the sheath style or shift style you don’t have any pesky waistband to hate!

Work Outfit for Over 40, plus-size woman!

This dress has an added bonus: it’s reversible! It has a really pretty light green pattern that you will see on Wednesday. If you already follow me on Instagram you got a sneak peek! Plus, it’s almost half off right now!

Work Outfit for Over 40, plus-size woman!

It has a stretchy fabric that is on the lighter side. It doesn’t cling at all, but it does show seams from my bra and dents from waistbands, so I would always wear a “third piece” over the top. It looks professional but fights the frump with the choker cut-out. I usually don’t wear chokers as jewelry but I like this look in dresses and tops. It’s not so tight that you look like you’re choking and it makes the v-neck not look so revealing.

Work Outfit for Over 40, plus-size woman!

If you’re not used to wearing dresses in a casual manner, but more for dressed up occasions, try topping it off with a more casual “third piece” like this sweater. This is a total comfort, casual sweater (33% off now and in lots of other colors) and it helps take the glam factor out of the dress. I could have made it even more casual with a low or no-heel pair of tall boots. I know I’ve heard from you ladies that if you wear a dress to work everyone asks you if you’re going to a funeral and you don’t want to stand out like that. I know that feeling. But, if you think of dresses more casually and go a casual route you can start integrating dresses into your everyday wear because they are fun and pretty and easy to wear!

Work Outfit for Over 40, plus-size woman!

I’m wearing my super fun cheetah print heels. These are from several years ago and are no longer available but I found some similar pumps with similar heel heights. Here is a kitten heel, a block heel and a wedge heel. If you’re not quite up to cheetah print here is a more subtle cheetah print and a giraffe print. I love adding these to an outfit. As you know, I really only wear cheetah print in accessories, but when I do wear them I feel so stylish!

Work Outfit for Over 40, plus-size woman!

My pumpkin purse is out with the sun! I love adding this purse to outfits with jewel tones in them.

Ok, that’s it for today! Please remember to RSVP for the blog birthday party sooner rather than later and I’ll see you all on Wednesday!

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This Belt Is A Game Changer!

Hey everyone! Happy Friday! So, I was investigating belts that would work for my apple shape. If you are shaped like me you know that keeping pants from sliding down is a full time job. Because I’m widest at my waist, my pants, once they get below my bellybutton are going to keep slipping down! And I really hate to always be fiddling with my clothing and yanking my pants up every time I stand up. So, I usually wear a belt but hate how they bulge out under my shirts. I found these belts and my world has changed!

Great belt for large waist!

First, let me say, I was gifted these belts, though I sought out the company, Invisibelt, to find out more. And this is not a sponsored post, I just really love how they work, highly recommend them and can’t believe these are not everywhere! I tried the skinny version for small belt loops and the stretchy belt version.

The best part of these belts is that they do not have a buckle. No more lump at your stomach underneath your shirt! Second, they are adjustable (similar to a bra strap) so you can adjust them any way and not have to choose between a too loose hole or a too tight hole like in a traditional belt.

Great belt for large waist!

Third, the material is substantial enough that I slid it over my button (which often sticks out) and it held the button and the buttonhole fabric down so even that wasn’t sticking out.

I tried two of their belts each for a whole day to see how they lasted with these jeggings that I love (and they’re back in stock! In plus size too!) but because they’re tight in the calves they’re always being pulled down. The see-through belt was really strong and held these pants in place all day, even when I got out of the car! (If you’re apple-shaped you know what I’m talking about!)

Great belt for large waist!

The blue stretchy one was just as strong and I preferred it. Why? Because I sit down. No, really! Have you ever noticed a belt is fine when you’re standing up but way too tight when you sit down? Obviously your body’s shape changes when you are in different positions and having a little bit of stretch kept me comfortable. They claim it’s for pregnant women whose body changes but really, aren’t all of our bodies constantly changing? I know mine does every time I eat a meal! So, the blue one was my hands-down favorite.

Great belt for large waist!

Ok, for the rest of the outfit! I’m still in North Carolina and it’s starting to warm up and be in the seventies. It’s t-shirt season but I’m really picky about my t-shirts. They can be way too tight and clingy and look terrible on my shape. I wanted a pattern that would hide any dents or seams from my bra and that was cut longer, so definitely not cropped. Lately I’ve been noticing how the fabric of some of my pants bunches up around my crotch and I want to keep it covered. Also, a t-shirt with capped sleeves or little sleeves that end above your bicep draws more attention to your bust. The sleeve edge is like a line pointing to your chest! Plus, having a bigger, rounder collar balances out a wide bust. This tee fit all of that long list of criteria!

Great belt for large waist!

I found this gray cardigan that is a nice weight (and it’s really soft) to transition from the cold weather to warmer weather. It has this pretty detail at the cuffs that dress it up a bit and makes it more work appropriate and some stitching in the back to give you some shape. And then those lovely pockets!

Great belt for large waist!

I’m pretty tired of my black tall boots at this time of year so having these booties in a light gray is a nice alternative. They still keep your feet warm and dry but the lighter color makes it seem more springy. I also find I wear these in the fall when it’s starting to get chilly but not quite time for heavy duty tall boots. These are also super comfortable if you’re hesitant about any type of heel. And my pretty satchel you’ve seen a ton this winter and will continue to see this spring! It’s 20% off now if you’re interested.

That’s it for today! I hope you’re still considering coming to the blog birthday party because I would love to have you!

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5 Jacket Styles For Spring!

Hey everyone! I thought I’d focus on some of the jackets that I use a lot in spring. If you’ve been reading for awhile you’ve seen these before but I only picked out the ones that are still available or if a trusted brand has something similar. I consider these classics because they don’t go out of style readily and I’m still seeing them all over retail sites.

A Great Jean Jacket for An Apple-Shaped Gal! -

First one is my beloved jean jacket. I wear this a ton and it’s only $19 right now! Ack! That is crazy! It fits my bust and midsection well and has the best cuffs. I wrote lovingly about it last year here.

Jean Jacket that fits an ample bust and midsection |

It’s available in plus size, tall size and a lighter denim wash.  I love how it fits my torso but isn’t too big in the arms and wrist. Hard to find that fit but so easy to wear when you do! Jean jackets have been around for years and show no sign of going away. Easy to invest the $19 for that!

This stand up collar white jacket from Kohl’s gets a lot of wear this time of year, actually all year round. I’ve had it since 2013 and you’ve seen it a lot. They still have it in several other colors and plus size. Macy’s has it in two bright green colors plus yellow (plus size here).

Capsule Wardrobe Mixing and Matching -

Next is this peach colored jacket. It’s available in a soft pink and white. The peach jacket is by Calvin Klein and I find that brand’s jackets works well with my shape. I have a couple of their other jackets you’ve seen before.

First Day Of Spring Casual |

And something that never goes out of style (or at least in the last ten years!) is a faux leather moto jacket. I have it in pink and black but wear the pink one more in the spring than the black one.

Apple-Shaped and Killin' It! -

I’ve had this one since 2013 and I wear the heck out of it. Actually now the sleeve hem is starting to fray so I’m going to have to do something about that or look for a new one (fun!). Kohl’s still has this exact one in black here and a bronze rose. Calvin Klein has a new version of this in pink and latte. Dress Barn, where I’ve had good luck before has it in light blue in both a straight size and a plus size. And Alfani (which I wear a lot) has it in blue, gray, green, melon, red, and metallic. Plus sizes in brown, blue, green, and metallic.

Edgy over 40 and over size 12! |

This moto jacket was the first purchase I made while starting my style journey. It reminded me that I could have style and I love wearing it. It’s from Dress Barn and they have several new moto jackets and they’re so good about having plus sizes. Roz & Ali is the brand of my jacket and they have it in tan (or champagne as they call it!) in straight size and plus size and it’s only $19 right now!

And the last jacket style that is still going strong is the military style. I’m still seeing it everywhere and there are a lot of versions that are flattering for our shape.

Jacket for big bust and apple shape |

Mine is from INC from Macy’s. It’s no longer available but Dress Barn has a lot of cute ones available and so does White House Black Market (like this one and this one) where I wear a size 16 and Chico’s (like this one and this one) where I wear a size three.

Whew! I hope that helps you transition into spring in style! Just looking at all those options online makes me want to go check them out in person…..perhaps you will see them here again!

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Feeling Confident & Stylish In This Outfit!

Hey everyone! It’s the start of a new week! I’m saying that with an exclamation point even though I feel Mondays are more of a semi-colon! I crack myself up! Anyway, I just want to remind you all to RSVP to the blog birthday party so you don’t miss out on the fun! I’ll be doing a giveaway on that post plus all my party guests get a token of my appreciation for coming. All you have to do is send me a picture of yourself in your stylish outfit that was inspired by this blog in some way by March 18th. You can send your picture to me at You can see how we did it last year at the first blog birthday party here.

Over 40, Over Size 12 but still stylish! |

Ok, how cute is this outfit? I actually got a compliment from my husband on this sweater so you know it’s a good one! I know I have a couple (ok, more than a couple!) black sweaters already but this striking jacket sweater was too nice to pass up. It’s also reversible! On the inside it’s light gray with black edging. If you want the same sweater at half off (!) they have it in black with red edging. You’re going to be seeing this a lot so be prepared!

Over 40, Over Size 12 but still stylish! |

The weight of the jacket is actually lighter than it looks but enough weight that it hangs straight down over my bust and does the perfect “skimming without clinging” that I demand from fabric. It’s more of a sweater knit fabric but cut well to look like a structured jacket. It’s also that fabric that doesn’t have any hems so the sleeves and hem can be easily adjusted. I’m wearing a size three in Chico’s sizes.

Over 40, Over Size 12 but still stylish! |

The dress is my old one from White House Black Market that was the dress that gave me that first boost of confidence from an outfit — something I hadn’t felt in decades. If you read how I started my blog you know the story, but if you haven’t you can read it here. WHBM has this great knit fabric that’s stretchy and heavy enough to hang well. I’m always looking at their sheath style dresses (no structured waist) to find one similar since this one I’ve had for over three years, wear it often and still love the look! This dress looks promising!

Over 40, Over Size 12 but still stylish! |

You can’t tell but I’m wearing a slightly patterned tight (matching my purse actually) with my 3/4 height boots. Besides the heel, these boots are different than my other black boots because they stop well below my knee rather than right up to my knee. This is a flattering location for boots to end, especially with a dress or skirt.

Over 40, Over Size 12 but still stylish! |

That’s it for this cute outfit but don’t forget to enter the $100 off the Jord watches giveaway here. It’s still going until March 4th and like I said before, it’s a great gift for a young adult, if you’re starting to think about all the graduations coming up!

Have a great week everyone!

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Flattering Spring Jacket For An Ample Shape!

Hey everyone! Well, this light jacket is the first item I’ve bought in 2018 and how pretty is it? I am looking for spring items that will freshen up my wardrobe and can maybe take me into summer, or at least be good for another season besides spring. This jacket will work for all four seasons. Can you imagine it in fall with some rusts and olive colored items? Or in winter with black or gray? It’s going to be easy to layer and super versatile. I’m excited that this was my first purchase!

Spring Jacket that works for an apple shape, over 40 woman!

This color is flattering for most coloring and lightens up any outfit. The cut is really important so let’s analyze that. The front drapes down in a waterfall, covering your bust and tummy without looking like you’re trying to cover them. The most flattering aspect to this jacket is where both the lapels end at the bottom, right where my waist is. Look at the picture above and see how the lapels kinda give the idea that my waist goes in at that point? As you know it doesn’t, but it draws the eye and your mind to a conclusion that my waist is slimmer.

Spring Jacket that works for an apple shape, over 40 woman!

Having this little bit of stitching in the back gives the sweater some shape. Without this back stitching the fabric would be really flowy and rippling in the wind. Here I get a hint of a waist from the behind view. And do you see it has pockets too? I love that!

Spring Jacket that works for an apple shape, over 40 woman!

I messed around with the lapel size too and am showing both versions above. The larger lapel (on the left side as you look at this picture) ends at the waist which I like, but the smaller lapel (on the right side) draws less attention to my bust and makes it look smaller, I think. I could have had the lapels fold to the inside so it would hang straighter down and less waterfally. That would give a slim column look. Definitely play around with the lapels if you have an item like this in your wardrobe.

Spring Jacket that works for an apple shape, over 40 woman!

And lastly, let’s talk about fabric. This is the faux suede in the front, but a really light version. In fact, the back panel and sleeves are a stretchy knit, but it’s not noticeable that they are different. It’s perfect fabric to push the sleeves up for a 3/4 length which is not only flattering but cooler to wear when it warms up. They have a similar, longer jacket in light blue  and another similar jacket in beautiful lilac, if you’re interested. I’m wearing a size three in Chico’s brand and remember to think about the price as a “cost per wear” when shopping.

You may have noticed that I got my hair cut and colored. If you are a regular reader, you know that my natural white hair often turns yellow from the sun or from hard water or from whatever. This is especially noticeable in the winter when I’m not in the sun much and the line between the yellow and white hair is super noticeable. What I’ve done in the past (and I’ve tried many different salons and stylists) is to try to get the yellow out (never worked) and then color my whole head of hair more of an ashen color (see here). This unfortunately made my hair gray rather than the bright white which is the natural color (which I love) and it would give me kind of a darker haze around my face, sometimes purpley, sometimes greenish. Either way, I was always disappointed.

I have finally found a stylist with a great solution: highlights! No one had ever recommended that before and all it did was make the yellow color white and was only applied to the yellow hair. The rest of my hair was left to do it’s own thing! She actually only did about half of the hair that had the yellow but it blended in to appear white. Next time we’ll do more hair and hopefully all of the yellow will be gone, though as I’m out in the sun I know it will continue to turn yellow. She applied a toner after the highlights (which I’m not sure what that does) but if you have the same issue with the yellow in your white hair and you’ve been unhappy with the full dye job, you may want to consider highlights.

Ok, that’s it for today. I’m in North Carolina for the next couple of weeks and it’s going to be in the seventies here today! We’re heading up to visit my sister in Durham this weekend which is always big fun. Don’t forget about the blog birthday party request and I look forward to seeing all of your beautiful selves! Happy weekend everyone!

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7 Tips For Successful Shopping For Apple Shapes!

Now that we’re moving into a new season and we’re all looking to freshen up our wardrobe, I wanted to talk about shopping today. I know. I know. You’re groaning if you’re an apple-shape. Nothing hits your self confidence more than standing in front of a full length mirror and finding nothing flattering to wear in a giant store full of clothes. I’ve been there. I know the feeling.

7 Tips for Successful Shopping for Apple-Shaped Women! |

If you’re an apple shape, or big-busted, you already know that we are not catered to by the fashion industry and most of the clothing out there will not be flattering. Most brands do not make clothes to fit our shape, so it’s very easy to get discouraged when shopping. We just buy whatever fits (even that is a victory!). The feeling of walking out of a store where you have just spent hard-earned money for something that you’re not crazy about and don’t feel excited to wear is a terrible feeling. I’ve been frustrated by my shape, yes, but I’m just as frustrated that the clothing makers are not even giving me any options.

Believe me when I say it doesn’t have to be that way. Your shopping trips can be more fun and successful, but you have to change your mind-set and approach. While we wait for the fashion industry to catch up with our needs, this is how I’ve figured out how to shop so it’s fun and I find what I need.

First, you’re going to have to make more time to shop for yourself and to try things on. I know. Time. A rare commodity, but it is key. No longer can you run into a store on the way to picking up the kids. You can’t wait for the day before a big event to shop. You can’t just shop on your lunch hour. I know it’s hard to find more time in the day, but you’re going to have to give yourself more time to try on lots of items and try out many stores and brands. Yes, I’ll keep writing this blog to help you use your time wisely and I promise you, after awhile, you will have this figured out, so it won’t always take so long. In the meantime, being a shape that is rarely, if ever, considered by clothing designers, you’re going to have to hunt for the rare item that you love and looks fantastic on you.

Second, expect to take lots and lots of items into the dressing room and come out with one or none. Try them all on. I know it’s embarrassing sometimes, especially when there is a employee who has to clean up after you, but don’t give in to that pressure. Give yourself the time to try everything on. Look at yourself with that item on and notice what you like about it and what you don’t. I will easily take 30 items into a changing room and come out with one or two. Often I come out with none. Just expect that outcome and adjust your expectations. Just think of yourself as a rare jewel and only rare items of clothing will be worthy to drape over the jewel!

Third, now take the item home and try it on with what you already have. Were you under a spell in the changing room? Does it look good with what you were planning to pair it with? Will it work in more than one outfit? Do you already have the shoes or accessories to go with it? If you don’t, are you planning or willing to purchase them to make the item work? Is it comfortable? Are you tugging or adjusting it a lot? Try it on with lots of items you already own because sometimes there are some unexpected, positive combinations already there. If it’s not working at home, or if you have doubts, take it back. Trust me, you will find something else out there.

7 Tips for Successful Shopping for Apple-Shaped Women! |

Fourth, until you become familiar with a brand and their sizing don’t order online. I know that’s frustrating to hear, but it is very discouraging to have 5 items sent to your house and then having to return them all, especially if you have to pay for shipping. It will make you feel more discouraged, or worse, you will keep things that don’t work for you. When you figure out a brand and their sizing then it will be fine and you can shop all you want online.

Fifth, Shop while wearing tall boots (unless it’s too warm, but try!). That way if you decide to try on a skirt or dress you won’t be standing there with bare legs and rumpled socks. You will automatically look more pulled together in the dressing room and you’ll feel better about your reflection. Tall boots will fit under most pants too. It will give you a better idea of how that item will look and your self-esteem won’t take a hit. Honestly ladies, it’s these little things.

Sixth, go to a store that has lots and lots of choices. If I go into a store that has a minimal design aesthetic, chances are they will only have small, medium and large sizes and not much for our shape. Some small boutiques cater to a larger woman and you’ll know right away when you start looking at the clothes. However, there are also large department stores that only carry a couple of items from each brand and I can never find something that fits, so beware of those too. At least when you’re starting out, having a lot to choose from will better your chances.

Seventh, and most important, when you’re in the dressing room and you try on something that doesn’t work, repeat to yourself “It’s not me. It’s the clothes.” Remember that. Fabric and sewing and design need to change, not your body. Often it’s just lazy design. Yes, you can change parts of your body, but you shouldn’t have to to find clothing. Stupid clothes are just bad designs. So remember, “It’s not me. It’s the clothes”.

If you have a shape like mine and measurements similar to mine (you can see them on the About page) you can see what I’ve tried or recommended in past posts since I’ve done the scouting for you and you can see how it fits on a true apple-shaped woman. And of course, stay tuned to this blog because I’ll continue to find the rare item that looks good on us. That’s my job!

Ok, good luck shopping and I know you can do this!

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Spring Items That Have Caught My Eye!

Hey everyone! I beat the snowstorm in Michigan (over 15 inches!) and made it safely to North Carolina. Luckily I decided to drive down a day earlier because my flight on Friday was cancelled! However, I’m not prepared for an outfit post today so I thought I’d show you some of the things I’ve been looking at online for spring.

If you’re an apple shape like me, you know it all depends on trying on the specific item. These items come from brands I’ve tried before and so the chances for them to fit and look well are higher than average. They also are a cut I’ve tried before and have found flattering. Plus, I don’t want you to be limited by what I can go out and find and try on. I want you to be able to analyze items for your own beautiful, individual self!

First off, this jacket is on it’s way to me and should arrive today. I tried it on in another color in the store and really liked it. I’m still planning on photographing it and showing it to you all whether it works or not.

 Second are some dresses from JCPenney. They’re from the Alyx brand and I had a lot of success with their sheath style dresses last spring (see here and here). They have some new fresh prints to try this year. Like this one.

And this one.

And this nice-sized print.

This maxi dress is from Macy’s by the brand Style & Co. I love the super flattering neckline and it’s made with my favorite fabric blend of rayon and spandex so it should skim without clinging. I’m going to look for this in person next time I’m at Macy’s.

White House Black Market has recently started a plus size line. I’ve been able to fit into their straight size 16 jackets before, if it’s made with a material that has some stretch. I haven’t tried their plus sizes yet but I will be looking into them this spring and trying some on.

This jacket caught my eye and it has some spandex mixed with the cotton so it should have some stretch.

And here it is in plus size. It’s interesting that they have free shipping and returns on plus size items but not on the straight sizes. Hmmmmm.

And lastly some jeans. These are from White House Black Market and I wear either the 12 or 14 in their pants. I find most of their waistbands have some nice stretch and these pockets look really deep (which I love) and the color is so light for spring and summer and will look dramatic in the winter with black too.

I hope this helps as you go out and about looking for some fresh additions to your wardrobe. You may be seeing some of these items on this blog in action! On Wednesday I will be re-posting my tips for successful shopping for apple shapes so you are armed with knowledge! Go out and win this fashion game!

This post contains affiliate links which give this blogger a small commission. I receive a few cents for each click and a few dimes for each purchase from that link. I put that money back into hosting this site. So, thank you for clicking and purchasing!

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A Gift A Young Adult Will Actually Like!

Hey everyone! Are you looking for a gift idea for a young adult? If you’re like me, it’s hard to find this age a gift they will actually like or use. How many times have you just resorted to giving cash or gift cards to your twenty-something?

I had Jord watches contact me about giving one of their watches as a gift. My husband and I were saying “who wears watches anymore since we all have our phones?” Both my daughters, aged 19 and 22 piped up “We do!” After a decline for a while, with the rise of smartphones, watches now are being embraced by millennials. Not so much for the function but for the style. Sounds like a great gift idea to me!

Since my eldest daughter Kealan is graduating from college this spring, I decided to give her the watch (Sorry Sara! You can have that sweater that shrunk. Check the dryer!). Kealan is often my photographer so it was fun to turn this around and take photos of her in her natural element!

We had a lot of nice options to pick from the ladies watches and we ended up choosing the Frankie 35. They also have a large selection of men’s watches.

First off the packaging was beautiful. This would be easy to send through the mail as a gift because it comes wrapped in it’s own wooden box and they have engraving for the back of the watch too if you want a personalized message.

Second, this is a nice alternative to gold or silver watches, especially if you don’t know if the gift recipient wears more gold or more silver. The wood is a visually interesting alternative and goes well with my daughter’s outdoorsy lifestyle. She wanted us to hurry up and do the photos so she could start wearing it out and about!

If you’re interested, for When the Girls Rule readers, Jord watches is offering a $100 giveaway! It’s easy to enter here! You have until March 4th to enter and everyone who enters receives 10% off and one lucky reader will receive $100 towards a Jord watch! Good luck!

Jord watches |

So, if you’re tired of struggling to find a gift they’d actually like or being lame and giving cash, I’d look into these watches as a gift. Hear that Sara? No more shrunken wool sweaters!

Anyway, I am on my way to North Carolina as you read this so my next posts will be from a warmer, sunnier place (I hope!). I left a day early to beat the giant snowstorm that is blowing through Michigan now! Have a great weekend everyone!

[ This post is sponsored by Jord Watches. Thank you for supporting the brands that support When the Girls Rule! ]

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Mixing It All Up!

Hey everyone! As you know, I haven’t been shopping for a couple of months and I’ve been showing clothing items you’ve all seen before. However,  I’m starting to get to the bottom of new ideas! Have no fear, I ordered something online (ok, this!) and I should be getting it next week so I will be able to show you it in an outfit if the fit works.

Winter Outfit for Apple-Shaped Woman! |

I want to wear spring pastel colors right now! I don’t care that pastels are supposed to be for spring (sounds like an outdated rule that needs breaking!). I’m really over wearing black and gray, especially since I see that a lot here in the midwest in the winter! It’s funny how my color choices are so affected by the sky!

Winter Outfit for Apple-Shaped Woman! |
Yes, that’s melting snow on the floor!

Anyway, these pink jeans you saw a lot this fall. I love the button detail at the hem and the cropped leg. These will be nice transitioning back to spring and right now they’re only $28! I paid $99 last fall and they are available in curvy fit too! Seriously, if you are looking for pretty jeans that fit well in the waist these are yours!

Winter Outfit for Apple-Shaped Woman! |
My daughter/photographer and I are seriously goofing around right about now!

I wore these jeans a lot when it was starting to transition from summer to fall but I wanted to wear them now because of the pretty color. The cut of the jeans are more the looser-fitting girlfriend or boyfriend style so they wouldn’t look that great tucked into tall boots, they’d be too baggy. I decided to pull out my booties and wore matching black socks to keep my leg covered.

This blouse is from Loft from many moons ago but did you know Loft is now getting plus-sizes? I haven’t tried them out yet but it’s funny how every other brand considers size 16 to be straight size but Loft thinks it’s plus-size. Well, we’ll see if they have figured out that plus-size women don’t want to wear tents. I’ll do some scouting!

Winter Outfit for Apple-Shaped Woman! |

And this sweater vest you may not recognize because I removed the faux fur collar. Without the fur it’s easy to wear with a big scarf without the fur swallowing it up. It’s more casual without the fur collar but I love the look of the fur (and the feel! I’m always petting it!) plus it’s different than anything else I own so it’s fun trying to style it.

This leopard scarf is from last summer from Chico’s and I can’t find it online. I haven’t worn it much because it’s so big but once I tried it with this outfit, it was such a nice change from a turtleneck to keep my neck warm that I’ve been wearing it more often. If you follow me on Instagram you saw how cute it looked on Saturday with a simple black sweater.

Winter Outfit for Apple-Shaped Woman! |

Well, that wraps up this snowy winter pastel outfit today! I hope you’re having some bright skies where you’re at because we’re getting lots of snow –hence, the indoor photo shoot. It will be such a change when I get down to North Carolina in a couple of days!

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