This Jacket Is Cut Just For Me!

Hey everyone!  I’ve been meaning to show this jacket since Christmas but kept forgetting to photograph it! And of course by now I can’t find it on any websites to show you, but luckily Calvin Klein makes this same jacket, just in different fabrics, each season.

Great Style of Jacket |

This jacket is faux suede, so more suited for winter. You’ve seen me wear this same cut of jacket but in different fabrics here and here.  This is a style of jacket that works really well for my shape. The cropped length works for my short-waisted self and I really like the rounded collars.

This must be a popular cut because Calvin Klein updates it often and has several options here and here and here. If you’re looking for a warmer weather version in a lighter color here is one and the lightweight denim version that is in style now. And from last spring, when I wore the navy blue one, I’m still able to find it here.

Great Style of Jacket |

There are slight shoulder pads but they fit my shoulders well without sitting on top of my shoulders or making me look like a football player. The arms are roomy and the fabric has some stretch. It also has some fitting stitching, so you get some shape at the waist and in the back. They also have nice details like the lining or the snaps on the cuffs. I appreciate those little details!

Great Style of Jacket |

I’m wearing my ever-faithful J.Jill pencil skirt and I bought myself a new necklace. I meant to wear blue tights with this outfit (they would have looked better) but could not find them (I believe my daughter may have an idea where they may be…) so gray it is!

Great Style of Jacket |

So, I’m glad that I’ve found a cut that works well on me and I’m hoping the brand keeps updating this style. I just have to be careful I don’t get into a style rut and just wear this style over and over! Maybe three jackets should be my limit? We’ll see….Have a great week everyone!

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  1. This really is a great jacket for you — whereas on me, it would be the most unflattering cut, ever. I think b/c I’m tall (and you’re short), that makes a huge difference.

    I really love your color choices in this post — including the backdrop. Very Barcelona-esque!

  2. Plus, that wall was MADE for that outfit!

    Yup, love chartreuse green, I think it’s a great poppy neutral.

    Daughters. Am I right??

    Would love to see a close-up of your necklace, it looks so interesting!

    Have a great week 🙂


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