4 Easy Ways To Up Your Style Game!

Hey everyone! I’m showing, in video form, how to ease into a more stylish you! I first wrote about this last fall here on how to start your own style journey, but I show the actual steps and transformation in the video.

If the video does not appear, click here.

I sprained my ankle this weekend, so I’m filling in this week with videos and an outfit that went wrong but hopefully I’ll be fine by this weekend for some new outfits! Don’t forget to sign up for my emails so you can be entered in the birthday gift certificate give-away. If you have no idea what I’m talking about you can read it here. Feel free to share this video on your favorite social media platform if you so desire. Thanks!

Have a great week ladies!

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  1. Oh No! Blogger Down! Blogger Down! Too bad we can’t have a joint sofa hangout while we’re both laid up, that’d be fun!

    I love your tips. Re the hoop earrings, a friend’s older sister once said to me that men like dangly earrings so I’m always on the lookout for earrings with good movement.

    Hope you (we!) feel better soon!

    1. Ha ha! We’d drive our daughters nuts I’m sure! I always associate hoop earrings with Rizzo from Grease and I always liked her so much better than drippy Sandy! I’m up and moving around better so I will be back at it soon. Hope you are too!

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