A Purse With Punch!

Hey everyone! Oh my gosh, I have found the cutest purse! I walked in to the store and the color (pumpkin!) just lept out at me. What an easy way to amp up an outfit! And it’s 1/3 off which never happens, so if you love it as much as I do you have until September 25th to get it or one of the other beautiful colors like midnight blue or burgundy or one of the more classic colors.

Over 40 apple-shape outfit | www.whenthegirlsrule.com

I don’t care for big logos on bags, I just want the bag to be functional and pretty without being a walking advertisement. This has a lock on it with a small logo but the logo is a duck! How cute is that? Also, as a sturdier woman, I have to take into account the size of the purse. If it is too small, I look like a giant. This size fits my frame perfectly I’d say!

Over 40 apple-shape outfit | www.whenthegirlsrule.com

Every fashion advice article I read says to invest in shoes and bags, if you’re going to spend your money anywhere. However I often buy less expensive bags because 1. the cost! and 2. they are trendy and will go out of style. However, those bags end up ripping or falling apart and really only last one season and that is really disappointing. Ok, yes, they’re often fake leather (i.e. vinyl) and $30 or less so what do I expect? Sometimes though I just like a nice bag that’s soft to the touch and comfortable to carry around and if it has that extra zing that adds to an outfit then I don’t mind spending a bit more. Be prepared, you’re going to be seeing this bag a ton on this blog!

Over 40 apple-shape outfit | www.whenthegirlsrule.com

I also wanted to try to get a better photograph of this jacket (which is also 30% off too!) since in the last post I featured it, I felt like you couldn’t see the details well. Unfortunately with it being such a dark color paired with my white hair and white pants, the camera kept auto-adjusting and making everything either too bright or too dark so these are the best images I could get without over-processing them. The jacket is actually deep blue but the striped band at the bottom is black and white, which looks so crisp, so it’s easy to pair with either black or blue. And I don’t remember if I mentioned it before, but it has a lot of stretch, even though it looks and feels like denim.

Over 40 apple-shape outfit | www.whenthegirlsrule.com

And here is a good idea to start transitioning to fall by wearing your booties with cropped pants. My booties are from last year but here and here are two similar pairs. Actually I wish I had some booties that had peep toes (I’m on the look out for a non-pinching pair) and were a lighter color, because that would be a way to transition your shoes. I guess it’s really just about showing less and less toes! And we’re all way over the old rule of “no white after Labor Day” right? Good, cuz it’s a fresh way to wear jeans in the fall and winter. See you Friday!

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  1. I agree with what you said on bags. They are an investment and I don’t like huge logos or advertising. I love your bag and the color! My best tip is to buy pebbled leather if you want a good leather bag. It holds the shape and ages well. It doesn’t show wear and tear as much either.

  2. I vacillate on whether to spend money on my bags, Julia! There are times when I end up loving the purse, and wish it was better made to last me longer. Yet there are the times, that I end up not wearing it like I thought I would. (kinda like clothing overall, I guess).
    I have yet to purchase a really expensive bag, but never say never!!
    You look fabulous!!

    1. Yes, it’s hard to know if it will be worth the money until time goes by and it gets used. Hopefully though I’m learning what I like and don’t like before I shell out the money (well, at least a little more than a few years ago!). Thanks for stopping by!

  3. It looks like a nice soft purse too. And a bonus for shorties like myself (5′) — no dragging on the ground if you hold the purse by the handles, lol. Those little details make such a big difference.

  4. Ooh, love the pop of pumpkin against your dark outfit!

    I find it hard to invest in bags and shoes also cuz to me they’re not *exciting.* I know to some they are, but. And shoes, don’t get me started on not wanting to draw attention to my feet and ankles! Although this year has been better since I’ve been dealing with the blood clots – I’m just wondering if my puffy feet will return when I finally stop taking blood thinners next month (as is the plan). I hope not!

    1. Yeah, I used to think purses were lame and just needed to carry my wallet and keys. But, it’s something I take with me every time I leave the house and use it everyday so why not have something I love? Gosh, I hope your puffy feet won’t return. Cancer’s gotta be worth something right?

  5. I’ve had that purse in my shopping bag for days, only in the burgundy color. Am looking for the wallet to match, but so far, no luck! I never would have picked the color you are showing, but WOW! it’s beautiful! Love the jacket, too!

  6. I love the bag! Suits you and I think you will be well pleased. I had a hard time stepping up to the better leathers but, believe me, it is sooo worth it to smell and feel buttery leather. You will reach for it again and again. Me, personally, I don’t like the ankle pants/booties gap but it is fashionable. I prefer one long lean line (I need lean!). So much is trial and error. . .

    1. Yes, I hear you Cheryl. Long and lean with black tights and black booties is so flattering. To me, this is a bit more casual for warmer weather. I’ve tried the look with dark pants and just had this eye-catching strip of white so that didn’t work. And I do appreciate the feel of a good bag, almost more than the color or shape, so looking forward to wearing this one a lot!

  7. Love the color and shape of that purse. Also it can keep you safe in the Michigan winter ha. The boots look great with the pants and jacket. Nice find. Stay warm and visit North Carolina.🌲

  8. I just discovered this blog from your youtube channel. Both are total treasure troves. I so relate to everything you talk about, including “emerging from the black hole of motherhood”! Thank you also for providing links to where we can buy featured items!!!

    1. Thank you for subscribing! I started the links to earn some money to offset this blog but also b/c I kept showing clothes and people would like them but had no idea how to get them for themselves. Same with showing old clothes. So, I try to do a mixture of both to keep it fresh but not break the bank!

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