A Trend That Looks Good on Apple-Shaped Women? What?

Hey everyone! You may have been noticing that cropped, wider-legged pants are starting to come into style. On a couple of blogs there has been mixed responses. They shorten the leg, kind of like capris, and they are wide so they add volume. Despite all that, I decided to give them a try. I have to say, I like them! Even though my two teen daughters have clearly relayed they don’t like them, to me, they seem a bit of a throw-back to the 1950’s and they feel somewhat glamorous!DSC_2226

Pants from J Jill here and on sale!

As an apple-shape, I’m wider up top and these pants balance that out. They also fit slim in the hip, which is my shape, so they fit me very well. For styling them I’m just treating them like a skirt. I think it looks best with a bit of heel and a shoe that has an open top (or vamp) that adds length. I’ve seen pictures of women wearing tennis shoes or flats with them and I don’t think that is the best look for these pants.


After my last post on shopping smart, this sweater is one of those items that disregarded all that advice. I bought it on a whim in another state at a little boutique. It didn’t go with anything I owned, but I liked the open collar and it was something I hadn’t seen before. It gave me room in the torso and covered my bust without clinging. It has the fun textured stripes and the drapey hem which is something I don’t see often. It has a short boxy style and it is very different from any other sweater I already owned. But, like a lot of bad shopping purchases, it did come home and sit in my closet for over a year without being worn. However, when I bought these pants I just knew this sweater would work. Since the pants fit me well in the hips and behind, I didn’t mind a shorter top and since the sweater is boxy it would go well with the wide pants. The big open collar balances out the boxy shape and along with the buttons, breaks up the canvas that is my bust and torso and creates a slimming vertical line.


I did try several necklaces with this collar and it just seemed too busy around the neckline, so I ditched them. I think the neckline is interesting enough on it’s own so I just directed the focus to bracelets and did the stacked wrist look with several bracelets on each wrist.

So, it’s interesting listening to others complain about the look that actually works for my shape. I’m not sure how long it will be in style, so I don’t know if I’ll be purchasing any other pairs but if I do I will let you know! Anyone else try this trend yet?

I do not have any affiliation with any of the brands or stores nor do I receive any compensation. I’m just sharing what I’ve learned.

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  1. Thank you for undertaking this blog. It’s almost impossible to find a blog that addresses the style problems of apple-shaped women in a realistic way, when we want to look neither like draped outbuildings nor sausages. I hope you continue to offer wearable options.

    The fashion industry hasn’t shown much interest, and it’s time buyers realize there is profit to be gained from us apples….There are more of us all the time, given the present ages of the boomer generation.

    The cropped pants and sweater look stylish, and remind me to try the unexpected; nice outfit!

    1. Thank you! I never thought I would start a blog until I started looking for advice and couldn’t find anyone who looked like me in the whole internet universe. I’m committed to this blog, especially when I get feedback from readers like you!

  2. I think those pants look fantastic on you! They hit you at a very flattering place on the leg — and I agree, look best with the shoes you chose.

      1. Um…no. I have a 34 inch inseam and when I try to wear cropped pants, I look like someone who couldn’t find pants long enough. I also can’t wear heels b/c I broke my ankle several years back and it doesn’t bend right — so… agreeing with you that a heel really helps the look, there will be no cropped pants for me.

        I will, however, force myself to continue shopping. You are giving me many good ideas. Thank you!

  3. Looking good, Julia. And thanks for commenting on Project Minima. I gave up shopping six years ago and started sewing all my clothes. So much more fun! It does take time, but you get what you want and it fits! You might like Communing with Fabric. She’s uber-busty too.

  4. The entire outfit looks great on you! I’m glad someone else admits to buying something and letting it sit in the closet unworn. The outfit you created is proof that the waiting paid off!

  5. I am a rectangle shape leaning toward an apple shape with a very large bust. I find that the wide leg pants balance out my top-heaviness and streamline my body in a very flattering way. I love these pants. Your outfit is very flattering and that really is a great sweater! I hope the wide leg crop pant stays on trend for awhile because they are one of my favorite pieces!

    By the way, I love the focus of your blog! It’s nice to know other women struggle with dressing their body types!


  6. “it’s interesting listening to others complain about the look that actually works for my shape.”

    Yay, someone else experiences this too…but with me it’s the opposite. I’ll say something I’m wearing isn’t “me,” and I get a lot of, “no, it looks great, ‘keep it/buy it/wear it again.” And I feel rude pushing back and saying, “no, it’s really just not for me,” but I’m really not looking for compliments when I share an outfit. And I only keep what *I* feel looks good on me.

    They say women dress either for a) men, b) other women, or c) themselves. I’m definitely a “dress for myself” type. Like you, I’ve learned what *I* feel best in…and what I feel most “myself” in and I think that’s a huge hurdle in style.

    PS – adore that darling sweater!

    1. Bettye, I agree. I think this is why I shop alone. While I used to wish I had a few girlfriends who could help me and wouldn’t it be fun to bounce ideas off each other, I realize that that creates pressure to “look good” in someone else’s eyes. No one but me knows whether an out fit is truly my style, if I’m comfortable in it, whether I think it’s flattering, etc. My husband used to try to help me, but he, too, had a different POV. I don’t mind a little input — and don’t want to leave the house looking horrible in anyone’s eyes — but I also have learned to listen more to myself than others.

  7. Funny… I don’t like these wide cropped trousers at all. For the reasons you mentioned. But somehow they are very good for you. Perhaps because, as you say, it creates the right balance with you. The sweater is indeed a great item with these trousers. Love that neckline.
    PS I think you have it all figured out… styling the apple shape,

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