Add Just a Little Sass

Hey everyone! This is a very basic outfit, one I would have worn before I figured out this fashion thing. In fact, these pants are the ones I wore on my first interview when the female interviewer looked me up and down disapproving and I knew I was definitely not getting the job. You can read about that here. I never wear these pants now, but I know lots of women who wear similar pants to work every single day. So, in an effort to show everyone that you don’t have to change up your whole wardrobe, change your personality and spend lots of money to add some style, I am wearing these pants again.

Adding just a little sass!

So, it is basic grayish-black pants with a basic black turtleneck. Probably everyone out there already has black pants and a black shirt. Great! Now add a faux leather jacket. This one I bought over 2 years ago for less than $100 (I can’t actually remember the price but I’m thinking about $75). There are lots of color options out there right now in a variety of styles. Look for the jackets with the fabric on the sides under the arms for more stretch if you find you need it. Instant style!

Adding just a little sass!

Next, add some fun shoes. These are my second pair of leopard print and they add so much sass to this outfit. With shoes you can add that little spark without scaring your family and coworkers. You can let the shoes do the talking that a much more stylish you is emerging!
Adding just a little sass!

Adding Some Sass!

So, since we’re over 40 and some of us are closing in on 50, I think now is the most appropriate time to get our sass back. We know who we are and what we like and don’t like and it’s time to start voicing our opinions. For many of us, we’ve tried the dutiful daughter and daughter-in-law role. We’ve been the responsible mother. We’ve spent many years being the supportive spouse. We’ve been the hard-working, dependable employee. We’ve all been on the fool’s errand to try to please everyone around us. Now, it’s our turn. We get to dress how we want and say what we’ve been wanting to say for years. Sass is wasted on teenagers. We’re bringing sassy back!

Adding just a little sass!

And just a parting shot of a sassy woman enjoying a beautiful fall day!

I do not have any affiliation with any of the brands or stores nor do I receive any compensation. I’m just sharing what I’ve learned.

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  1. Ha, I’ve always had horrible job interview outfits! But I don’t see anything wrong with those pants…especially the way you’ve “sassed” them up with the leopard shoes and motorcycle jacket!


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