Adding Glamour To Casual Friday!

Hey everyone! Happy Friday! This sweater vest has been so fun to wear! It reminds me of women from the 40’s and 50’s wearing a fur stole with their tailored dresses and little pill box hats. I bought this vest to add some glamour to my wardrobe and find myself stroking the fur because it’s so soft. Stroking your collar like a pet probably kills the idea of glamour! Oh well! I can’t help it!

Fashion over 40 for Plus-Size Women!

Anyway, you’ve seen me wear it before (like here and here) but I wanted to try to wear it with the fur collar but casually. I’ve seen a lot of faux fur vests this fall and winter where the fur is longer and more shaggy (like here) and I am not drawn to them. I think they’re a quick trend that adds bulk and reminds me of wearing a muppet. This vest gives me the faux fur but it’s done in a more classic way so I’m betting it will not go out of style before I’ve petted it to death! And it’s 50% off now!

Fashion over 40 for Plus-Size Women!

This is the first time this winter I’ve shown these boots. They’re several years old but I still love how soft they are and they’re holding up really well. If you are a size 7 or 9 here they are at about 1/3 what I paid for them. They’re also available in black here.

Fashion over 40 for Plus-Size Women!

The jeans you’ve seen before several times (like here) and I find I’m wearing them often because they have these really deep pockets. You know I have a thing for pockets!

Fashion over 40 for Plus-Size Women!

I’m finishing off this outfit with this pretty pink satchel. This bag was not a big outlay of money but I know I need to add more color to my handbag collection so I’m going to be mixing up investment bags that will last for a long time with less expensive bags that I realize may only last a year or two.

Fashion over 40 for Plus-Size Women!

Where are we taking these pictures? This is the Cranbrook Art Museum in suburban Detroit. It was fifty seven degrees yesterday when we took these and they have beautiful gardens so we did a bit of walking. Since then we’ve added about two inches of snow and have dipped down to twenty two degrees. Sigh. Michigan.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Ooh, you look like an ice princess with your cool tones and faux fur! I like!

    And the library is beautiful – I have a thing for sign typography and that “LIBRARY” is stunning!

    It’s very warm here today, too, in the 50s and by tomorrow night will be back in the teens. Which, frankly, I’m happy about because it will freeze my muddy yard and walkway to a safer solid. This morning I almost lost my shoe to the muck! Yuck!


  2. Julia, you are so funny. lol. I have a throw blanket that is so soft I do the same thing. Enjoy and be safe in Detroit. ha you likely say the same re sunny California.😉😝👙🌴🌺🌸🌼🌻

  3. That is such a pretty color story on you! Have you ever had your “colors” done? I had it done a few years ago, and it’s streamlined what’s in my closet making it easier for me to put outfits together and get dressed..

    I like that this bag is in the same “family” as all the other colors (cool?) You could tie a scarf on the handle for a “pop”??

    1. That is a great idea about the scarf! I have seen that done before and think it’s a great way to add another color or texture. I’ll try to remember that tip next time! And yes, I’ve had my colors done. It ended up that I was naturally drawn to “my” colors but really was able to expand what I usually wore. Thanks!

  4. You’re looking so “spiffy” in the trendy vest and “cool” hue ensemble! Bet
    you we’re feeling good in it too. I’m curious about having your colors done and that
    you were naturally drawn to “your” colors; I’m guessing the blue tones?? Would
    love a vest with faux fur but alas it’s really too warm here, although we have had
    some really chilly weather and 3-7″ of snow on Dec. 8 here in So. Tx!!!

    1. Hi Kay! I had my colors done by Pam at in exchange for writing an article for her. I was already drawn to blue b/c I always got compliments when I wore it. Plus I knew that my skin was pink so I knew I would look good in anything in the pink/violet family. And snow in southern Texas? Yikes! Though it did snow in Charlotte that same time too. Of course, as you can see today, I’m standing in several inches of snow and it’s coming down steady now as I write this. Have a wonderful 2018 Kay!

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