My Alternative To A T-Shirt!

Hey everyone! Often in the summer I like to keep it casual. I’ve always thought that meant a cotton t-shirt. However with t-shirts, the fit is usually emphasizing what I would prefer not to have emphasized. I kept thinking I just needed to try a different cut of t-shirt. If I went with the “feminine” cut it was too tight and clingy, especially in the midsection. If I went with the boxy, traditional fit I looked like I was wearing a bag. I finally realized that I needed to re-think casual and t-shirts weren’t working for me.

My Alternative Casual Top! |

So, an alternative. This top is becoming my go-to, quick-out-of-the-door top. The fabric is light and skims nicely without billowing. It’s a light crepe fabric that doesn’t wrinkle or show sweat. The armholes are cut correctly so my bra does not show at all. And it’s reversible!

My Alternative Casual Top! |

I prefer the polka-dots, rather than the floral side, because I still have a bit of a hang-up that florals (especially this size) ages you, even though they’re everywhere right now. I think that’s an out-dated notion and I need to get over it!

My Alternative Casual Top! |

I know lots of us prefer to not show our arms, or at least the top half of our arms. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m going to let that worry just pass over me. Yes, my arms aren’t what they used to be and they’re not the beautiful, toned arms that many women are sporting today a la Michele Obama. But, they’re normal, healthy, pretty common arms and everyone needs to get used to seeing them! I’m not going to over-heat because people aren’t used to seeing middle-aged women’s arms! Now, they need to get over it!

My Alternative Casual Top! |

I’ve paired it with my new black shorts you saw a couple of posts ago and these comfy espadrilles that are also getting a lot of wear this summer. Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Great outfit! I’ve come to the same conclusion as you on sleeveless tops in the summer. Besides, I tend to be more agreeable when I’m cool. Ha! 🙂


  2. Hey Julia,
    I totally agree with showing my arms. I don’t care that they are not perfect and I live in Phoenix Arizona, so it’s a necessity here! I think the floral side of your top is cute too. But polka dots are my favorite!

  3. You wear this top so much better than the wife in Chicos, especially the floral. The shorts are working well for you. However, maybe try the floral side with a kimono top or an unbuttoned denim shirt?
    Also, how do you get your beads to hang so well? Mine always gather too much – maybe it’s a length thing!

  4. I love the top, both polka dot and floral side. The whole outfit looks casual and appropriate. I also like Joan’s suggestion about a denim shirt or lightweight sweater when you want the arms covered. The beads look too long, though! They hang right where they will get caught on almost everything. Perhaps doubling or getting a jeweler to shorten the chain. I am petite and often get my local jeweler to shorten my chains (while I wait). Makes the look so much more “me” rather than for a taller person. Overall, though, a great look.

      1. It is an inexpensive fix where I go, but often if I am getting a watch battery or some other item, they will fix it for free. Yay!

  5. Love the polka dots -and like you, I have discovered the magic of a good tank top. I bet you would suit one in a nice lilac /light purple or pink shade as well.

  6. I like both sides of the top! I’ll have to read up about the shorts, because they are the perfect length and I have a thing about the length of my shorts. I’ve done more arm baring this summer than ever before, but I still have a hard time doing it.

  7. Good for you Julia (I follow you on Instagram)! I too struggle with finding the right kind of teeshirt and like the tops you are wearing. I have chubby upper arms and for years would cover up. I worry less now and bare them more.

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