An Invitation!

Hey everyone! Wow! Friday’s post elicited a ton of great analysis and suggestions. If you haven’t read the comments, do so now because it is a wealth of information on how to improve that outfit. I was bowled over by all of your perspectives and opinions and helpful, practical fixes for the outfit. Which got me thinking…

Apple-Shaped and Killin' It! -

I know some of you have learned some outfit ideas and tips and techniques from this blog and many of you already knew them. I know you also are really appreciative of seeing how I style something and when I share something I find that would looks good on our shape. I also know many of you have a pretty good sense of style already or are developing your own style. But, really, I know my main purpose here is so you can see someone who looks like you dressing stylishly and feeling confident. So…

Apple-Shaped and Killin' It! -

My one year anniversary of this blog is coming up March 22nd. My blog birthday gift request from all of you is for you to send me a picture of yourself in an outfit that somehow you were inspired by from this blog and I will post them here on the one year birthday. Maybe you bought something I recommended. Maybe you copied an outfit. Maybe you started styling your existing clothes differently because of what you learned here.

Apple-Shaped and Killin' It! -

Scary, I know! Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, I know! Remember, all of these times when we push ourselves it only takes 15 seconds of bravery. Just put on that outfit and take a quick phone image in the mirror or ask a relative or co-worker on a day when you are feeling particularly sassy. Quickly hit the share button and email me. I will just say your first name and town/state you’re from. If you’re really shy, I can crop the picture to not show your face (but let me see!). I promise I will only use that image once on the blog for that birthday post.

Send your image to my email, by March 18th. Let me know if you want your face shown or not. Tell me what town or state or country you’re from if you want. If you would like to elaborate about your outfit in anyway tell me that too. Don’t worry, I will keep reminding (bugging) you all until then!

Now, don’t leave me hanging here with a sad blog birthday party of one. Besides the comments, blogging is so one-sided. I want to continue to have discussions and conversations and the sharing of knowledge. I want to show women who are not models, who are over 25, who have had full lives and who still want to look good in an outfit! I want to show the world that even though we are ignored by fashion and our shape is rarely designed for, that nevertheless, we persist!

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  1. This outfit looks excellent. The lighter colours in the skirt go really well with the jacket and your fab blonde hair. You look so polished and confident 🙂

  2. I thought it was the same skirt, too. I figured you had expertly hemmed it — or used scissors and tape, LOL. I love the look and think pencil skirts are your BFF.

  3. When I first saw this post I thought oh wow, she shortened the skirt (from the other post) and it looks fantastic! Now I know it is *not* the same skirt and you’ve already returned the other one, but I think this shows how the principles apply. If only I could remember what principles I talked about on the other post! Ha, this is what I get for posting at 4ayem.

    ANYWAY, Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary! I missed mine while I was trapped in Maine and haven’t been able to do the anniversary shoot yet that I’ve planned for some time. But BRAVO to both of us, yay 🙂


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