An Outfit For A Night Out!

Hey everyone! Another purse? Yes, but this one is actually a clutch. My first clutch ever to be exact!

Plus-Size Outfit! |

I never really saw much point in clutches since I’m not often out at an awards ceremony or walking a red carpet. But, I have found when I go to a play or some performance where everyone is sitting in seats close together there is no place for a regular purse. Or out to dinner. If there is an extra chair I will put my purse on it but often it’s dangling off the back of my chair (not very secure) or sitting at my feet (not very clean). However, with a clutch I can lay it on the table, or if worse comes to worse, share it with my seat.

Plus-Size Outfit! |

And how cute is this shirt to wear to that so-called event? A little dramatic with the choker collar and a bit of plunging neckline. I wanted to show you how this top skims without clinging so I didn’t wear it with a third piece (sweater or jacket) over the top. It also has flutter sleeves but I didn’t really notice that but it does mean there is more room if your arms are bigger. I would wear it with a different bra though where you didn’t see the seams so easily. I don’t like the seams to be noticeable if at all possible, as I’m sure you can relate!

Plus-Size Outfit! |

And if you’re looking for comfortable, work-appropriate black pants that fit and are soft, these are perfect! They are soft and stretchy and believe it or not they’re labeled jeggings but I have to say they fit like pants and I wouldn’t consider them jeggings at all. I’m wearing my Calvin Klein booties from last year which are no longer available, but there are similarly cute ones here and here.

Plus-Size Outfit! |

Also, in website news, I have added a new page to this blog so you can look up the specific clothing recommendations more easily. “Shop My Looks” started as a way for Instagram followers, who may not read this blog, to get outfit details. It’s also a way I can show the outfits I wear on Instagram that don’t make it onto the blog. You also won’t have to wade through the old posts and all the text to find a specific item, since you can just click the picture. I’ll be adding past outfits as soon as I’m able. Thanks for supporting this blog! Have a great weekend ladies!

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  1. I used to feel that same way about clutches. It’s funny how our perspective can change over time though, right? Now I have quite a few, and really use them for the fun dates!!
    And your choker shirt is so gorgeous on you, Julia!! I still have yet to get one of these tops, but it’s on my list!!

  2. This is one sharp looking outfit. I am going to have to check out those ponte pants. Love ponte–so forgiving. And I have started using a clutch most of the time for church (dressier and lighter) and especially for eating out. It just goes right on the table if there is room but, if not, it fits perfectly behind my back. I think we can thank Duchess Kate for bringing the clutch back.

  3. I think you did very, very well. The top is indeed lovely and suits you. Actually everything about the outfit is good. I would arm wrestle you for the clutch. What a beauty.
    I had exactly the same approach to clutches. But lately I have been schlepping my Obag with my as shopper. It holds my necessities and there is room for my shopping. And my keys, phone, lipstick, comb and little folder with cards and money are in a cute attention drawing mini bag or clutch. Eye catcher / pop of colour. Works really well. Also very handy in the office if I want to have some belongings with me (cards and phone and comb) but don’t want to take the whole big bag.

  4. This top is perfect. I have seen these tops in the stores but I haven’t tried one yet. Love your bag also, very cute. It is hard trying to find somewhere to place any type of bag.

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