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Hey everyone! Yikes! Sorry I fell off the planet last week. My computer decided to inconveniently die. After trying to get it fixed for several days, I ended up having to purchase a new one. Now, I’m on a shiny new computer and figuring it all out again. So, let’s get back to this shall we?

Perfect dress for a graduation open house for apple-shaped women! -

I have a bunch of graduation open houses to go to this year, and I always feel at a loss for what to wear. Yes, I usually wait until the last minute to decide what to wear, but it is a hard event to dress for even if you were more organized than me.

Perfect dress for a graduation open house for apple-shaped women! -

The event is usually outside, so you have to think about the weather and temperature. It’s usually on grass, so you have to think about shoes. Some open houses are full of activities or lots of standing so you have to think about comfort.

Perfect dress for a graduation open house for apple-shaped women! -

This year I decided to plan early. This dress is the first outfit I’ll be showing you that I will be wearing. It’s casual but still stylish (look at those fun sleeves!). It’s a comfortable fit and a medium weight cotton. It’s also a very neutral stripe so can be dressed up or down depending on jewelry and shoes. You could also wear a sleeveless vest over the top to give a little more coverage or if it’s a little chilly. For reference, I’m wearing a size 16 and I like how it fits without being too tight or too baggy. It looks like black and white but it’s actually a deep navy color.

Perfect dress for a graduation open house for apple-shaped women! -

I’m also venturing out into new stores. This dress is from Talbot’s, which is a place I haven’t been to in many years. It was suggested by a reader to check them out and I found some cute items. I’d love to hear your suggestions on stores and I’ll do what I can to check them out.

Gosh, I’ve missed doing this and I’m so glad to be back! Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Was wondering where you were, woman!!! Welcome back!

    Love the classic navy and white stripe with the modern ruffle sleeve!

    Best Wishes on the new computer. May it bring you many years of enjoyment and productivity 🙂

    xoxo Bettye

  2. My go-to stores are usually Talbots and Christopher & Banks. Sometimes I find things at JC Penney, Nordstrom (the Sejour brand) and every once in a while Meijer has some cute tops.

  3. Your striped dress is wonderful. Those sleeves are what I thought I might buy if I try a bell sleeve: fashionable but not bulky as some I saw.

    Do you have Macy’s department store where you are? I shop online at Macy’s since I moved far from one.

    I have a new online shopping notion, too. I was looking for a particular item (palm print dress with vertical piped seams) and ran across a similar dress on Saks Fifth Avenue, except the price was 42 times what I paid for mine. HOWEVER, it gave me an idea. If I look at Saks at styles, colors, fabrics and dress lengths then I can go to less expensive vendors armed with some idea of what I want/need.

    There might be a time when I could splurge at Saks, like the jean jacket that is marked down quite a bit and is a better cut for me than the longer jean jacket that Walmart has for $12.00. Figure in price per wear and it might be a good idea. Maybe?

    1. That sounds like a great strategy Jean! I am all for lower prices and not just paying for a label however, I do not mind paying for quality if I’m going to wear it a lot. I do have a Macy’s and I shop there a lot. So much so, I was starting to feel in a rut, so that’s why I thought I’d push myself out of my comfort zone. Thanks for sharing your experience with every one!

  4. I was wondering “what happened to Julie”….really missed you. So here you are looking so cute in the striped navy/white dress. I would suggest checking Dillards
    for dresses. They have so many brands and styles. Personally I would probably
    wear palazzo pants and a cute top; just don’t wear dresses any more, just sayin’.
    Can’t wait to see what’s you’re going to show us next!

    1. Yes, sorry to leave you all in the lurch. It was a frustrating week, and I wanted to get back as soon as possible. I don’t have a Dillard’s nearby, but I will look for them whenever traveling. I think they’re a more southern U.S store right?

  5. I love this dress! I find it hard to find spring/summery dresses that are not sleeveless and I am totally over the having to wear a cardigan to hid my fat arms thing.

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