Back To Work In Ruffles!

Hey everyone! I’m safely out of cat’s way here! So, as fun as the kitties were in the photos in the last post (and as popular they were with all of you!) it’s so much easier to take the pictures without them around. Rest assured, two were waiting outside of my little studio/garage during the whole time.

Back to work! |

But, on to the outfit. I’ve been showing pretty casual outfits lately on the blog, so I thought I’d show a more work-appropriate outfit. Do you remember last winter when I showed a pretty gray jacket (which they’ve re-stocked for this fall!) that I was considering buying in this post here? This jacket is the same fabric but it’s a more dressed up version because of the fun ruffles but it’s also completely lined.

Back to work! |

When I saw it online I figured it would be more like a shirt, since it’s a lightweight fabric, but with the lining it’s more like a really cute fall jacket. Ruffles are in style right now but I’ve seen them on shirts usually bunched around the chest and adding volume — not something I need to do! I like how this jacket has vertical ruffles that hang nicely. It also has that flounce at the bottom, similar to the jacket I showed in the last post, that adds some feminine style (and coverage for bellies!). Plus, it’s 1/2 off now!

Back to work! |

Ok, and how cute are these shoes?!!! Like many women, I don’t want my feet to hurt in shoes but still like the look (and powerful feel) of heels. These heels look taller than they are and have more stability because of the sole. They are made of a stretchy microsuede fabric and the ribbon-like fabric over the top of the foot let’s you move it around for stability and comfort. Also, maybe a little TMI here, but I have a bunion on the outside of one of my feet and it is very sensitive to rubbing fabric and tight shoes. In this pair of shoes it is not affected by the fabric since the fabric ends before the sensitive area. They are by Eileen Fisher, who is not cheap, but I don’t like to skimp on my feet and I think this red is really exciting! There are some other really beautiful colors here (including a metallic and denim!) and I love that this style of shoe is a balance between eye-catching yet classic. I hope to be wearing them for a long time.

Back to work! |

The only thing I think I would add with this outfit is a small, thin scarf wrapped around my neck to bring some color up there. I didn’t want to wear one because I wanted to show the collar to you all but it would be easy enough to try. A necklace would get in the way of the ruffles but a scarf that didn’t hang down would look nice. I’m also wearing my wide-legged cropped pants you’ve seen a ton like here and here which are great for this time of year.

Ok, everyone hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. Ooh, I REALLY really like this entire outfit! The ruffle jacket, the wide cropped pants and those gorgeous shoes! I so love shoes but never want to draw attention to my feet so usually keep my footwear pretty tame, but if I could….

    1. You know Bettye I had a friend who didn’t like her feet and I coaxed her into getting a pedicure and she then started to show them off more and didn’t think they were as hideous as she thought (they’re perfectly normal IMO). So, maybe you just need to get your pretty on?

  2. Wow, you are really getting the hang of this fashion thing! This is one of your cutest outfits yet. Also, a pin that is the color of the shoes would bring it up a notch or a scarf as you mentioned. Love it!

  3. I just found this blog, and I am so grateful! I, too, have been frustrated by all the “apple is the hardest to dress for.” I just received this ruffled gray jacket, I never would have looked at it, if not for the blog, and it’s so pretty, soft, and very cute on! I also bought the red shoes. obsessed….. Thank you so much for these inspirations!!!!

    1. Oh Susan! It’s my pleasure! I’ve been there. So frustrated and feeling so ignored by fashion. If you get a chance read the post “Why I Started This Blog” and I think you’ll see yourself there. And now…I got this fashion thing and if I can do it, anyone can!

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