With These Basics You Can Get Dressed in the Dark!

Hey everyone! When you stock your closet with great pieces that work well together, you can practically dress yourself in the dark! Like this outfit here. I wasn’t in the dark when picking this out (though the lighting is bad in my closet – hmmm need to add that to my honey-do list!) it was still easy to pull this stylish outfit together from some really basic items.

Basics for Plus Size Outfit!

First, the tall black boots. Such an easy basic to add instant style and one of the basics I encourage all of you to purchase. These are my flat, no-heel pair. I’m researching large calf/large leg options so I’ll post what I find for my larger leg sister’s out there who have requested options.

Basics for Plus Size Outfit!

Black leggings are the next basic. These are from Vera Wang from Kohls with a really wide elastic waist. Mine are from a couple of years ago but there are tons of options out there. Here is a wide waist version that’s more expensive and here it’s less expensive. When you are trying them on in the dressing room do some deep-knee squats with them on to see if the waist will slide down. So annoying having to keep pulling up stretchy leggings! They should stay in place and a wide waist means less chance of having that dreaded middle dent.

A basic striped top. This one is from White House Black Market and the fabric is thinner and clingier than I usually like but I fell in love with the cuffs! I just make sure when I wear this shirt I have on bottoms that don’t indent in my middle and I wear a lycra camisole underneath so the two fabrics glide across each other without getting hung up!

Basics for Plus Size Outfit!

The black vest. You’ve seen it before here and here. I love it because if I have a shirt with interesting sleeves I can top it with this vest and still have the coverage I like with a third piece but show off the cuffs and sleeves. It’s starting to show it’s age though because I wear it so often. I’m on the lookout for a replacement and this one here may be it!

Basics for Plus Size Outfit!

And then the scarf. I actually bought the striped shirt and scarf at the same time because I could see how well the black and tan colors in both would work together and this could be another way to mix patterns. This is also a pretty big and long scarf so I had several options of tying it and wearing it. It’s sold out but here is one I’m thinking seriously about!

So, when you have the basics in your wardrobe, like all of these pieces, it’s easy to get dressed in the dark!

This post contains affiliate links to items I own and love or wish I owned and love!

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  1. The scarf and shirt ARE great together and you make an excellent point. I need to force myself to buy coordinating pieces from the same store, in the same colorway, on the same day! All too often I find myself with various shades of colors (red is notorious) that just don’t quite go together, all b/c I have a (false) mindset that buying more than one item is too matchy-matchy. Duh!

  2. PS. Are you including links? If so, I don’t see them. I’d love to send spare change your way by clicking through your blog!

  3. Julia – I lost you and just found you again – so pleased. This is a great outfit would be excellent as a travel outfit. And so good to see a blog that really helps with a figure ‘challenge’. Have messaged you direct. Take care – kindest Pamela

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