This Belt Is A Game Changer!

Hey everyone! Happy Friday! So, I was investigating belts that would work for my apple shape. If you are shaped like me you know that keeping pants from sliding down is a full time job. Because I’m widest at my waist, my pants, once they get below my bellybutton are going to keep slipping down! And I really hate to always be fiddling with my clothing and yanking my pants up every time I stand up. So, I usually wear a belt but hate how they bulge out under my shirts. I found these belts and my world has changed!

Great belt for large waist!

First, let me say, I was gifted these belts, though I sought out the company, Invisibelt, to find out more. And this is not a sponsored post, I just really love how they work, highly recommend them and can’t believe these are not everywhere! I tried the skinny version for small belt loops and the stretchy belt version.

The best part of these belts is that they do not have a buckle. No more lump at your stomach underneath your shirt! Second, they are adjustable (similar to a bra strap) so you can adjust them any way and not have to choose between a too loose hole or a too tight hole like in a traditional belt.

Great belt for large waist!

Third, the material is substantial enough that I slid it over my button (which often sticks out) and it held the button and the buttonhole fabric down so even that wasn’t sticking out.

I tried two of their belts each for a whole day to see how they lasted with these jeggings that I love (and they’re back in stock! In plus size too!) but because they’re tight in the calves they’re always being pulled down. The see-through belt was really strong and held these pants in place all day, even when I got out of the car! (If you’re apple-shaped you know what I’m talking about!)

Great belt for large waist!

The blue stretchy one was just as strong and I preferred it. Why? Because I sit down. No, really! Have you ever noticed a belt is fine when you’re standing up but way too tight when you sit down? Obviously your body’s shape changes when you are in different positions and having a little bit of stretch kept me comfortable. They claim it’s for pregnant women whose body changes but really, aren’t all of our bodies constantly changing? I know mine does every time I eat a meal! So, the blue one was my hands-down favorite.

Great belt for large waist!

Ok, for the rest of the outfit! I’m still in North Carolina and it’s starting to warm up and be in the seventies. It’s t-shirt season but I’m really picky about my t-shirts. They can be way too tight and clingy and look terrible on my shape. I wanted a pattern that would hide any dents or seams from my bra and that was cut longer, so definitely not cropped. Lately I’ve been noticing how the fabric of some of my pants bunches up around my crotch and I want to keep it covered. Also, a t-shirt with capped sleeves or little sleeves that end above your bicep draws more attention to your bust. The sleeve edge is like a line pointing to your chest! Plus, having a bigger, rounder collar balances out a wide bust. This tee fit all of that long list of criteria!

Great belt for large waist!

I found this gray cardigan that is a nice weight (and it’s really soft) to transition from the cold weather to warmer weather. It has this pretty detail at the cuffs that dress it up a bit and makes it more work appropriate and some stitching in the back to give you some shape. And then those lovely pockets!

Great belt for large waist!

I’m pretty tired of my black tall boots at this time of year so having these booties in a light gray is a nice alternative. They still keep your feet warm and dry but the lighter color makes it seem more springy. I also find I wear these in the fall when it’s starting to get chilly but not quite time for heavy duty tall boots. These are also super comfortable if you’re hesitant about any type of heel. And my pretty satchel you’ve seen a ton this winter and will continue to see this spring! It’s 20% off now if you’re interested.

That’s it for today! I hope you’re still considering coming to the blog birthday party because I would love to have you!

This post contains affiliate links which gives me a small commission, with no added cost to you! I put that commission back into hosting this site and creating quality content for women over 40!



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  1. Ooh, brilliant belt! Stretchy AND adjustable AND flat buckled, be still my heart!

    I realize you’re wearing shirts out over them but I think it’s funny that the “invisible” one is more visible than the blue one 🙂

    I love wondrous inventions like this! Thanks for sharing.


  2. I’ve heard of these belts…but I just take my pants to my mom and have her alter the waistband…ha ha. Actually I can alter them myself, but then mom would feel unappreciated… ha ha!!
    That cardigan is super, and I bet you get to wear it a ton!! It’s exactly the kind of topper I would grab for every day!!

  3. Julia, you rule! I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy reading your blog. Hopefully, I will now have a belt that prevents me from having the saggy butt look. 🙂

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