Doing A Bit Of Running This Week!

Hey everyone! Happy Monday! I like everything about this outfit except the gray shirt — just wanted to get that out of the way. I was planning on wearing a striped shirt but it was looking worn and faded. As you know, I’m on a restricted clothes diet so I’m making do!

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I definitely wanted to show you this vest that you’ve seen before (here) though you probably don’t even recognize it without the fur collar. It is such a cozy knit that I’ve been wearing it in casual outfits without the fur collar, though I’ve been wearing the fur collar as a scarf! If you’ve been waiting for the price to go down now is the time because it’s 50% off!

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The jeans you’ve seen before too on my Over The Knee Boots Primer (here) though they were tucked inside my OTK boots at the time so you couldn’t see the pretty ankle detail on these. The color of these jeans match perfectly the color of the leather trim on the sweater. And yes, the jeans are 50% off now too. This is the time to shop for one’s self it seems, if you have all of your holiday shopping done!

Over 40 Fashion | www.whenthegirlsrule.comI’m finishing off this muted color outfit with my soft pink purse and my gray runners. Which is good because I am doing some serious running this week since I’m woefully underprepared for Christmas! And that’s why this post is so short — I’m online shopping at the same time!

Over 40 Fashion |

I hope you have a good start to your week and are not doing the last-minute dash to Christmas! Who am I kidding? We’re probably all doing it! I’ll see you all back on Wednesday!

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