Blogging and Ethics!

Hey everyone! I am on my way down to North Carolina to see my eldest daughter and husband as you read this! I’m going to be closing on my new house (!), visiting Asheville and hauling a big horse back up to Michigan between now and Tuesday! Whew! You can follow me on Instagram to see all of this.

Anyway, I wanted to write about some ethical issues that I have noticed while blogging. I’ve been thinking about this for a while but since I was invited, free of charge, to see/review the movie Lady Bird on Monday, it got me thinking and I wanted to explain my position.

As my blog readership has grown, I’ve started to be approached by companies who want me to recommend their products and write about them here. Two companies have offered to pay me for a sponsored post. I responded that I needed to see their product first and go through their ordering process before I recommend it. One told me they “can’t” send me a complimentary item but couldn’t I just still write about them? No. The second company told me they will either send me a free item or pay for the sponsored post, but not both. I said no thanks. I don’t work for clothes. As you can imagine, being a fashion blogger, I have more than enough clothes. I’m also not going to recommend something that I’ve never seen.

Outlander! Cotton and I recommend it!

I’ve also been approached by several companies who want to do some sort of collaboration and I’ve looked at their items and thought they looked cheap or unflattering for our shape or the company looked sketchy. I have turned them all down.

And as you can see, I don’t allow advertising on my site. I get approached often and I hear it is a good way to make money but I am not willing to sell my website real estate or my reader’s eyes. I don’t like it when I go to a website and have to wade through pop-up ads and blinking side bars to read an article so I don’t want my readers to have to do that either. I like the simple, peaceful feel of my site. Now, I don’t begrudge any other blogger who does any of that. It’s a free country and everyone has their own priorities. I just know what I want on my blog.

So, my pledge to you:

Every blog post is 100% written by me and is my honest opinion.

If I don’t like something, it won’t be on this blog, or if it is, it’s because we’re discussing why I don’t like it.

If, in the future, I do have advertising or collaborations, it will be because I think it is a good item for my readers and I have personally seen it and would buy it myself.

I don’t sell my readers or my integrity.

So, that’s it. My integrity is non-negotiable and my opinion is my own and you can continue to expect that.

And may I say, I 100% recommend watching Outlander for the perfect mix of adventure, history and romance! Ha!

I’m not sure if I’ll have time to write a post between now and Thanksgiving so if you don’t hear from me, I wish you all a love and joy-filled holiday!

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  1. Julia, I agree so much with what you said. When I first started blogging, I read about all the ways to “monetize” a blog, but just could never bring myself to put in flashing ads. Like you, I blog because I love to experiment with fashion, and love to get input from others. I am at peace with the decision not to use blogging as a way to bring in money or free clothes that I don’t need. By the way, my daughter lives in Asheville, so say hi to her from me 😉 Have a great trip. Asheville is a beautiful place!

    1. Asheville was very beautiful and so many great places to eat! I feel like all we did was eat! And I don’t blame any blogger for making money off of their blog, I just know how I want mine to look. Your blog is a calm space too because it’s just you and your words.

  2. Good luck and safe travels to NC. I appreciate your integrity and refusal to allow advertising pop-ups on your blog. It makes me crazy.

    PS — I read (well, listened through all of the Outlander books and now I’m watching it on Starz. OMG — I’m loving it all over again.

  3. Thanks for your honest approach with blogging. I appreciate what you write and that you have evaluated/tried on everything you recommend or discuss. I’m not opposed to sponsored posts. I read the blog, Wardrobe Oxygen. She does sponsored posts, but they are clearly indicated when she does these types of posts, and she always gives her honest opinion. It doesn’t take away from the blog-reading experience for me. That said, I wouldn’t read a blog where every post was sponsored or I had to wade thru ads.

    1. Yes, I appreciate a blogger’s honest opinion because I rely so much on recommendations when making decisions — like where to go eat in a city or what to buy. And I don’t begrudge sponsored posts because even if you blog for a hobby there are still costs associated with it.

      1. And it’s so funny the offers you get…like “I read your blog and think it would be a perfect fit with our company, would you like to collaborate?” and it’s for PROM DRESSES! Or crazy expensive high fashion shoes! How on EARTH would those things (or the others) be a good fit for my readers? Ha.

        Hey, it’s all an adventure, right??


  4. I totally agree with you about your ethics on blogging Julia. You have to write honestly, from the heart and how on earth can you do that if you’ve not seen the product? Collaborations have to be right for you and that’s so personal too. Well done you for wading through this minefield and coming up with your morals intact!

    Anna x

  5. It’s so refreshing to know there’s still some integrity left in the blogging world! I’ve seen blogger after blogger “sellout” for $ and it’s the surest way to turn me off.

    Thanks for being you, and I find you a breath of fresh air all around!

    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving

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