Boring You With My Favorites!

Hey everyone! Yes, I know. The jean jacket again. Sorry! I’ve been wearing it a lot, so it ends up in lots of pictures!

Boring You With My Favorite Jacket! |

It’s a great jacket to throw on and I love the seams in the back. Very flattering. It’s way on sale here and they have plus sizes too!

Boring You With My Favorite Jacket! |

I’m wearing it with my super cute booties and my leggings/pants. My exact booties are sold out, but they have a really similarĀ pretty tan pair available.

Boring You With My Favorite Jacket! |

I guess they’re not really leggings because the fabric is thicker and looser, but they are stretchy like leggings. However, unlike leggings, I don’t feel the need to cover my rear. Now, I believe that anyone can wear whatever they like, but I have seen some women over 40 wearing leggings with a short top where their backside was in full view and thought it was not very flattering on them. The fabric is usually sheer and clingy and besides seeing the elastic outline from their underwear, you were also able to see every dimple and wrinkle. For me, if I’m wearing leggings, I’m also wearing a long tunic or sweater or something to keep my backside covered.

Boring You With My Favorite Jacket! |

Looking at this outfit, I think I should have added a gold necklace, or some kind of necklace. It just looks kind of boring with a simple collar, solid color shirt and low-key earrings. Oh well, I’m still learning!

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  1. I love this jacket on you! I agree with you that leggings should be paired with tunics rather than short shirts. It looks so much nicer. Great post, as always!

  2. I totally agree w/ you about leggings, tunic-length tops, and the way some women apparently don’t take a look at their backside in a mirror — ever.

    This reminds me of a hilarious song called I Don’t Look Good Naked Anymore — and here’s a link for anyone who wants a laugh:

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