Bring In The Fixer!

Hey everyone! Happy Monday! Sorry I’m late posting this today — just had to sign the paperwork this morning for our new house! Yes, the sellers accepted our offer and we’ll be closing in 28 days! Now my husband can get out of his very sad bachelor apartment and we’re halfway through this whole moving equation!

Apple shape fashion! |

And talking about husbands, my husband/photographer will be here on Wednesday for an 11 day vacation! Thank goodness because I am way over this solo picture taking! Now, I’ll have someone to tell me when my pant hem is halfway rolled up and can get me to smile. Doing them by myself has been so frustrating because on the phone it looks like the right lighting but when I go back to check on the camera they’re either way too light or way too dark. Plus, half the time it doesn’t click so as I check to see what’s wrong, it takes the picture, and this is how many of them turn out with me looking down at my phone!

Apple shape fashion! |

Anyhow, onto the clothes! This top is what I call a wardrobe fixer. It is a top you can wear with or over an item of clothing and it makes that item work. For example, I wore this on Saturday when it was over 80 degrees and I was walking around a sculpture park. So, I needed an outfit that was cool and comfortable but, come on, it’s a week into October so it needed to be somewhat fall-like. I’m wearing a tank top underneath, something I would not wear alone but I didn’t want to be hot and sweaty. I popped the fixer over the tank top and I’m covered, season-appropriate and yet still cool! Fixed!

Apple shape fashion! |

I have a dress I like to wear but it’s a little too snug in the midriff so I’m going to wear this top over it, and voila, it’s fixed! I have a cotton long sleeve shirt that is really soft but it’s a little too sheer so I’m going to pop this over the top and again, it’s fixed. I can wear a tank top that blends with this color or one that is a bright color and contrasts and then I have two very different tops.

Apple shape fashion! |

Remember how last spring I wrote a post about how to wear your spring dresses before spring? Well, this is a way to wear your summer dresses into fall. And think of all those sleeveless dresses out there that can be worn another way besides topping with a jacket. If this burgundy isn’t working for you they have it available in black here. They have it in a more geometric design and non-ruffled sleeves in black here.

I’m wearing my totally cute peep toe booties with my ever fashionable bag that you’ve seen before. The bag is sold out but I have found very similar bags in several price points here, here and here. I do have a new necklace though that I added. Ok, that’s it for today. Talk to you again on Wednesday!

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  1. Well done on the house sale and very best wishes for the new home – lovely news 🙂
    Great idea calling the top a fixer – I’ve got a lacy top in navy blue and another in black and sometimes just use them with the same sort of colour underneath if I’m feeling more subdued but then can wear them with a brighter colour and it’s like wearing a whole new outfit! Loving the burgundy, it really suits you and great for autumn, no matter where you are.
    Joan x

    1. I had never seen these types of shirts before so it’s good to hear they’ve been around b/c I think I’ll be wearing this for years. The navy blue one sounds beautiful. I usually love black too but haven’t been feeling it lately though I can imagine how contrasting it would be to wear a red top under!

  2. Love the fixer top! So cute. And so happy about the house! Look forward to seeing some shots from your new location. I will be interested to see if you think Southern style is any different from Michigan style.

  3. Interesting idea! I don’t usually like lace (don’t find it comfortable without stretch) but I like the looks of the top without the flutter sleeve. It just might work! I prefer a sleeker look on my top–that is why I simply cannot get into all these flutters, bells, etc.; I feel they just add weight up top and, in the latter case, get in my way. It is one trend I will just have to wait out.

    1. Yes, Cheryl, that’s how I feel about the maxi dress trend. I think no matter what I’m going to look like a little girl playing dress up with her mom’s clothes. That is a trend I’ve passed by myself. Good thing everything is always changing in fashion!

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