Casual Friday for Apple Shapes!

Hi everyone! This is an outfit I get a lot of compliments on when I’m wearing it, which is usually casual Friday.


I think it works because of a couple of reasons. 1. Flare jeans. These are supposedly the most flattering shape for anyone who is large up top because it balances out the top by being wide at the bottom (i.e. the hem). Downside is you have to wear heels with these jeans. This style looks best when the hem is very close to the ground but not dragging on the ground and the only way to achieve it is to wear a heel, even a slight heel, to pull this off.


Jeans from White House Black Market (old) but similar here.

2. The jacket has shoulder pads. Now, I rarely wear shoulder pads because they usually don’t sit right on my shoulders. With this jacket though, they fit nicely so I’ve kept them. I think they give me broad shoulders and not my naturally sloping shoulders.


Jacket from Calvin Klein (old) but similar here, herehere, and here

3. Cropped jacket. I am short-waisted which means there isn’t a lot of room between my rib cage and hip bone. This jacket hem hits at a good point on my body (right below my belly) and the fabric skims nicely over my body without flowing out after cascading over my bust because of the cut of the jacket and weight of the zipper.


Black tank from White House Black Market here

4. Dark colors. The black tank top hides underneath the jacket as a supporting actor and doesn’t detract from the look but also doesn’t call attention to itself or the body parts it’s covering (especially the dreaded belly button dent). The jeans are a nice dark wash which, I think, looks more sophisticated than a lighter wash denim, especially if you need to dress them up a bit.

My daughter is my photographer and yes, she makes me laugh sometimes.

And the last thing I think makes this work is the necklace and the collar of the jacket. They have some sparkle and some visual interest so it draws the eye up to my face and away from the dark middle. I think the jacket collar tab would have worked on it’s own even. It also doesn’t hurt to walk with some swagger in this outfit!

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  1. absolutely fabulous look! don’t forget that belt! definitely key to that look. and your break down is spot on. you know your body and what works; that’s what it’s all about.
    love your blog!!

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