It’s Definitely Sweater Weather!

Hey everyone! It is nineteen degrees here as I write this with the windchill at nine degrees (that’s Fahrenheit for all my non-American readers). Yikes! We got our first snowfall last night and it’s always exciting when we get our first snow. However, it loses it’s appeal quickly, usually right after the holidays for me. We’ve had a beautiful fall though and I went out to my garden on Wednesday and picked three tomatoes! They were underneath a burdock leaf (no commenting about why there is burdock growing in my garden!) so had been protected from the two frosts we’ve had. My garden had been exceptionally lame this year since I was so focussed on getting the house ready for sale this spring so I only ended up planting a few tomato plants. Crazy to be picking tomatoes in November!

Curvy Woman Outfits! |

So, now it’s time to pull out the sweaters! I have to say I feel a little bit like Robin Hood in this outfit! I don’t wear green very often which I’m not sure why since I like the color just fine. My mom wears a lot of green (she’s 100% Irish. Hi Mom!) I just gravitate towards blue more. Probably because of my blue eyes. Anyway, this sweater is a wool and cashmere mix so it’s not heavy or itchy. I know I sound like a broken record, but it skims without clinging and I feel comfortable wearing it without a third piece over it. I do wear a spandex camisole underneath to keep the waistband of the leggings from becoming a focus point. The sweater is available in 14 different colors and right now is 30% off!

Curvy Woman Outfits! |

When I pulled out my winter clothes, including my purses, I noticed my non-descript, old, low-cost black purse was looking pretty worn. Also, as I was looking at my Instagram photos, my pumpkin purse was such a scene stealer that I thought I should find something a little bit tamer when I want to show off the clothes more. This one was on sale and I love the classic structure of the bag coupled with the added edginess of the little studs on the handle and tassel. I was reading one of my favorite blogs, Une Femme d’une Certain Age, and she was talking about seeing metallic embellishments and studs on shoes in Paris this fall, which leads me to believe this trend will be coming in hot next year in the states. Not that I’m a total trend follower, but I don’t want something I spend a lot of money on to look outdated in a year. Plus, the studs feel pretty cool on the handles!

Curvy Woman Outfits! |

Keep in mind when ordering this bag that it says in the description and images, that it is silver metal, but I actually received gold metal. Was I surprised? Yes. Was I unhappy? No. I think this bag will look great with my booties that have the little bit of gold on the heel. So, I’m not sure what color of metal you will be sent. It’s a roll of the dice!

Curvy Woman Outfits! |

These leggings are several years old and are starting to get worn out which means they will be exclusively used as pajamas (what? No. I did not just say I sometimes wear these as pajamas!). I added my knee-high boots that are going on two years old and my scarf from last year. Leopard print is really popular right now so this is a low-cost way to get in on the trend!

Have a great weekend everyone and stay warm!

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  1. I especially love the leopard print with the green! I also don’t often have green (besides olive) in my wardrobe, even though I like it.

    WHERE DID THIS WINTER WEATHER COME FROM?!? Holey Kamoley! I was supposed to do a big photo shoot today with another blogger, but when I got up at 5am to let the dog out and felt the temp and especially the 20-30 mph winds, i was like NOPE! Especially as she lives in a seaside community and the wind would have been INSANE. So instead, I researched wireless remote shutters so maybe I can finally master the tripod selfie!

    Is that little red shed on your property? So charming! You should really do a video tour of your property before you move!


    1. It is the old well house on my property. The pump next to it we think might be original to the house. I think you can see it sometimes in the photos where I’m standing on my front brick walkway. And yes, this cold is shocking! My horses were shivering this morning b/c they haven’t grown their thick winter coat yet since it was 80 like a week ago!

      1. I had a water pump like that in the basement of my third (marital) house. So fun to think that at one point people actually used it.

        The poor chilly kids 🙁 Where will they go when you move?


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