A Diversion Today of the Horsey Kind!

Hey everyone! Ok, yes, I haven’t tried the remote photo-taking yet since I spent the weekend watching horses and being with my eldest daughter, Kealan. So, I’ll give you a little equine diversion today! I’ll be back with fashion on Wednesday –promise! Though I’m wearing my favorite “control top” jeans here (which are on sale now for $21)!

Hanging with my eldest! | www.whenthegirlsrule.com

So, my eldest daughter was a working student for a professional rider, Bobby Meyerhoff, this summer. A working student is just like an unpaid internship where you do all the grunt work but in exchange you get riding lessons and learn about the profession and are able to spend a summer surrounded by horses. This does not sound like my dream but it definitely is my daughter’s! She also was offered a full-time position as part of his team so she’ll be doing this as a job for the next couple of years except for a quick semester to finish the one class she has to take before she graduates. I’m happy for her!

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The discipline that she rides in is called eventing. This means the horse and rider have to be able to do three different types of riding: dressage, showjumping and cross country. Usually a rider and horse specialize in one of these areas, but eventers are gluttons for punishment and do all three!

What a working student does!

I ride, but I consider myself a backyard rider, so pretty casual. I had started lessons for myself when my girls were young and as they got older, they took over my lessons and our free time (and $) with their riding. I have to say though I’m going to get back into it for myself. I am really looking forward to re-claiming the activities I did before motherhood took over.

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And today is a melancholy day for me, with tears ever at the ready. My eldest is driving back to North Carolina and my youngest is flying out to France this afternoon for 3 months. My birds are flying the nest! I’m happy for their adventurous lives and I’m happy I successfully did my job to raise happy and healthy young ladies. However, I am really going to miss them. I think my job now is to plan my adventurous life and to get back into the things I loved that I had to forego for them. I know I’m not the first mom to feel this way and I know everything is going to be ok, I just have to get used to the change. Thanks for listening as I go through this very normal phase that every other mom goes through. I do heed the words from all of you that have gone before me that the next phase is pretty awesome, so I’m looking forward, not back, because that’s not the way I’m going!

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  1. What a great post. Loved seeing the pictures and learning a little about riding. I know you are proud of your daughter! And yes, it is normal to feel tearful. Life has a way of moving on, but there are new adventures ahead for sure. Can’t wait to share them with you via the blog.

  2. Hang in there. What a wonderful Mom and Dad your girls have. My boys are both married,they are also supporting themselves. Praying for your house to sell and for you all to get settled together. Have a blessed week. 😊

  3. Oh, what fun! I really miss horseback riding. I grew up riding and competing in horse shows, though my mother wouldn’t allow us to do jumping. When I was a little older, I did some. It’s the best!!

  4. I can so see you in your daughter, right down to the head tilt! She’s lovely…and you must be so proud that she’s pursuing her dream, though it is hard when they leave you. Mine is back in NY for a few weeks so I’m happy to get to spend time with her.


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