Easing into leopard print

So, if you’re like me you might be hesitant about leopard print, or really any animal print. I was envisioning Mrs. Roper from Three’s Company (kooky, over-the-top, flowy tunics), even though I was seeing it all over fashion blogs looking very chic. I’ve even heard it being declared a “neutral”. I still felt it was too flashy for me. Then, I read some advice to start small with the print. Maybe shoes or a purse. Nicky from Midlife Chic recommended these Clarks shoes and I bought them when they were half off. Bonus!DSC_0206

Now I had them how to wear them? I don’t have any brown in my closet so that was out. I could wear them with black. Ok, lame. Then, I saw them up against my bright green skirt (shown earlier here) and thought how beautiful they look with jewel tones. I’ve paired them with bright green, violet, red and now bright blue. I just made sure the colors were very saturated and not grayed-out or pastel in any way.


I’m not quite to the point of declaring them a neutral but I am definitely looking for more ways to wear them. They are pointy toes so I only wear them on days when I don’t have to do much walking (I refuse to have my feet hurt for shoes) but I love how they up my fashion game.


This jacket has some very cute style details. Fun, ribbed cuffs, military style buttons, cute stand-up collar and slightly stretchy denim fabric that is very lightweight. I took off the pesky hook and eye closures because they were gapping like crazy and even on the model on the website they are noticeable. It’s going to be in serious rotation this spring and summer.


Shoes from Clarks are old but there are lots of cute leopard print pumps out there. Blue jacket is from inc. from Macy’s here and on sale! Linking up with these ladies at Curly Crafty Mom and another Michigan based blogger, Color and Grace here

I do not have any affiliation with any of the brands or stores nor do I receive any compensation. I’m just sharing what I’ve learned.

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    1. Thanks for the link Anne. I’ll check them out. I’m thinking about a leopard print clutch or handbag next but not ready for an article of clothing yet. But, who knows how I’ll feel in the future?

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