My Favorite Sweater In A Beautiful Fall Color!

Hey everyone! Ok, I played around with taking pictures of myself and this is the mediocre result! I have to rest the camera on a flat surface then remotely click the shutter through an app on my phone. Most of the pictures had me looking down at my phone so I tried to hide the phone. Unfortunately when I hid the phone behind my back the screen would shift and I wouldn’t be hitting the right place on the screen, so a steep learning curve there! Not to mention the long delay between clicking and the actual camera taking the picture. Did I mention the clicking camera is also a cat magnet? So, adventures in photo taking, now let’s talk about this sweater!

Best Sweater For An Apple Shape! |

You’ve read about my favorite sweater in black and gray (here and here) and I have gushed over how much I love them. Now, I’ve added another one but in this beautiful burgundy.

Best Sweater For An Apple Shape! |

These sweaters are pricey ($89) but I think of them in price-per-wear and I wear these all the time in the cooler months and I even bought a lighter knit white one for spring and summer. I probably wear them at least once a week and they still look new (they were bought in 2014) and I am a totally careless throw-them-in-the-washing-machine-then-throw-them-in-the-hot-dryer sort of person too. The burgundy version doesn’t have pockets, which is a bummer, but has these pretty gold accents and the split sleeve that makes up for the missing pockets. I’m wearing a petite XL.

These sweaters are a nice heavy knit that hangs so beautifully and flatteringly. You can wear anything under them and they add instant style. By the way, underneath I’m wearing the best black shell that I’ve had for years and is worth the price (and 25% off now!). I’m wearing an XL.

I wanted to show you guys this sweater early on in the season since they always sell out of their fall color and I have missed it the last couple of years, so I intentionally purchased it early. I may photograph it again later in the season to remind you all and when I have better control of this camera!

Best Sweater For An Apple Shape! |

I’m wearing it with my new NYDJ jeans that I haven’t washed yet and seem a little bit big. There is plenty of room in the waist (so much so that I’m pulling them up!) so I’m hoping they shrink a bit. I remember their shorts that I showed off here shrank a bit so I’m hoping these do too. I’ll try to remember to keep you updated on how that turns out. I’m wearing 16 petite.

And, a casualty of having half of your life in a storage unit is forgetting what you already own! I saw these cute flats and thought how versatile and comfortable they look, totally forgetting that I already have these! I’m trying to decide if I can justify having two similar pairs. I need to make a trip to the storage unit anyhow to pull out my fall clothes so I can remember what I already own!

Best Sweater For An Apple Shape! |

So, you will probably see this sweater again since it is so flattering for an apple shape and we know that does not come around often! See you Friday!

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  1. Your outfit is perfect. I plan to remember the colors so I will put those to work for me. Take care and you pictured look great. 🌲

  2. Pictures are great, and outfit is cute. I love the shot on the porch. Good job! Don’t you love it when you find something that you can wear a million times AND can throw it in the washer and dryer?

  3. The leopard slippers are adorbs! I’ve been looking for leopard flats for The Longest Time and cannot find Just the Right Ones!

    And yeah, the selfies, rrrggghhh, the bane of my existence. I just don’t understand how people get the focus point right, unless they’re shooting at like f22 which i don’t want to cuz I want the soft background…SO WHAT IT IS THIS WITCHCRAFT??? I had a remote and lost it…I got a sturdier tripod and broke it…it seems like the universe doesn’t want to me to do selfies but. I. SHALL. PREVAIL. Just probably not this week.

    Are your jeans green or grey??


    1. Oh funny Bettye! You are such an expressive writer! I let the camera do all the focusing, so I haven’t looked at settings or soft backgrounds or anything. Maybe I should, but it doesn’t sound like that much fun. I did read that your daughter was visiting. That is nice, now that they are fine, grown women. And the pants are green. Take care unpacking!

  4. Love the outfit and the shoes, have you lost a lot of weight? You look very slim especially the picture on the porch.

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