My Favorite Sweater Is Even Better! It’s On Sale!

Hey everyone! Remember this sweater I talked about a couple of weeks ago? It’s on sale now!!!! Yes, instead of $89 it’s now $59! If you recall, I own it already in black and gray and white and it’s my most flattering sweater (I’m wearing XL petite) and you’ve seen me wear it a ton (like here and here). I even made a video about it (though it’s a terrible one!). It still has all the sizes available and this color is so pretty and so versatile! And I love these gold buttons on the split-sleeve. It always sells out so I highly suggest you don’t delay! Such an easy stylish addition to any wardrobe!

Best Sweater for an apple shape! |

And, let’s address the elephant in the room. Another purse! I know! I am having a romance with purses this fall! You’ve seen my pumpkin-colored purse (which is still 30% off!) but this one is bigger so it’s easy to fit a laptop in it and use it for work or when traveling. Plus look how nice leopard print goes with the burgundy. It also looks really good with bright blue and any jewel tone. I’m just going to say here that there is one more purse coming soon to this blog so prepare yourself!

Best Sweater for an apple shape! |

You’ve seen the shoes before many times. Luckily, I’m still able to find them in black suede, a pretty tan and several other textures as well as my green suede here.

Best Sweater for an apple shape! |

And these are not my worn out white jeans you’re so sick of seeing! They’re actually a softer cream-colored pair of jeans that are not the “control top” style but actually regular, straight-fit jeans. (If you have no idea what I’m talking about read more about it here) They’re from Talbots, which I’m finding has some nice fitting pants that recognize we’re all not hourglass shapes. They have a curvy version here.

Best Sweater for an apple shape! |

Just to finish up with the accessories, I find that leopard print looks really nice with gold. Even though I often wear silver jewelry, the brown of the print leans toward the gold. Plus, with the gold buttons on the sleeves of the sweater and gold hardware on the purse that pretty much made the decision for me! Happy Monday everyone!

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  1. Love the outfit, especially the necklace! Tres chic. I love animal print but, to me, that large of a purse would be overwhelming for 5’2″. Looking for something similar but slightly smaller. Great for a personal item on a plane!

  2. Ohhh, loving the burgundy sweater and animal print bag (is that a blush tank?). All
    coordinating hues. Would love to see it with black pants (black on bag) for later fall. I need that sweater…thanks for letting us know it’s on sale. Looking good Julia 🙂

  3. The star of the show for me has to be this brilliant handbag Julia! The size is spot on, perfect for all the things we women have to lug around and yet, most importantly it’s such a wonderful pattern and shape. If I had this, I just wouldn’t be able to carry it as I know I’d fill it to the brim though! Oh, and your necklace is a real statement piece too!

    Have a great week!
    Anna x

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