My Favorite Sweater in Gray This Time!

Hey everyone! A couple of posts ago I showed you my favorite sweater. I can’t believe I hadn’t shown it to you before even though I own it in three colors so I thought I’d show you the gray version I own. Favorite gray sweater -

I showed the black version in the first post and I felt it didn’t photograph well. I think the gray shows the cut of the sweater better, especially how it hangs flatteringly over the bust and also how it dips in a bit at the waist. Don’t despair if this sells out. They’ve come out with this sweater the last 3 years since I bought my two versions. They also have it in white and tan.

Favorite gray sweater -

This pink top is new and is a crepe type fabric so it hangs really nicely without clinging. It has some weight to it too so it gives no indication of what is happening underneath! It’s also sleeveless, which I like to wear if I’m going to be wearing a warm sweater inside or if your shoulder/armpit area of your top layer is tight. For some reason I can’t find it on Macy’s website. It’s Alfani brand and the closest I can find is here so maybe you’ll have better luck at your local store.

Favorite gray sweater -

I could have gone with a scarf that had a pink, black and gray pattern but I decided to go with a somewhat contrasting color with the bright green. The scarf does have black and gray in it so it does pull those colors together. I just felt like going with another bright color. Also, knowing that being too matchy-matchy makes you look dated (though that is a hard habit for me to break!) the green is an unexpected jolt of color I think.

Favorite gray sweater -

And to address the elephant in the room… yes, these are my horses and my little farm. Another snow storm kept us from going out to photograph so we decided to photograph at our house (thanks Mom for the suggestion). We have 6 horses and 10 acres and assorted other little animals. I don’t know if we’ll photograph here in the future (the horses do not take direction well!) but I promise to keep these photos interesting. I enjoy finding new places and new ways to photograph. If I just kept doing the same scene and location (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) I’d get bored. So, expect more “non-traditional” fashion blogger photo shoots in the future!

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  1. Wow! I love the sweater and sleeveless shell, and think both look gorgeous on you. But I’m even more wowed by the horses and the casual mention that you live on a farm. How cool is that?!

  2. Wow! I would never even have tried that sweater on had I seen it on a hanger, but it looks fantastic on you. That is so flattering and now I’m going to go look for one for me. 🙂

    Pretty horses! That gold baby has such a precious nose.

  3. The gray and fuchsia is a wonderful combination. I’m going to try it for myself! The sweater looks great on you. I can see why you own three of them in different colors.

  4. HOW HAVE YOU KEPT THE HORSES A SECRET FROM ME? I’m horsey, too! I don’t have them anymore cuz divorce but…for much of my life I did. And still have horses in my life between friends and family. I can’t believe you’ve never shot with them before! They are so lovely in the snow. Please tell me everything about them 🙂

    Yes, I am 12.


    1. Ha ha ha! It’s ok to be horsey! And 12! I think maybe we’ll have to do more photo shoots with them but the snow is so much prettier than muddy pastures so we’ll see how it goes. I’m just a backyard rider but my two daughters ride quite a bit. Most of the horses at my place are retirees relaxing through their old age.

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