Getting Casual With Dresses!

Hey everyone! I hope you had a great weekend and are back at it today! I am! Anyway, I think dresses are an apple-shaped woman’s best friend. They are so easy to style since they count as a top and bottom and if you get the sheath style or shift style you don’t have any pesky waistband to hate!

Work Outfit for Over 40, plus-size woman!

This dress has an added bonus: it’s reversible! It has a really pretty light green pattern that you will see on Wednesday. If you already follow me on Instagram you got a sneak peek! Plus, it’s almost half off right now!

Work Outfit for Over 40, plus-size woman!

It has a stretchy fabric that is on the lighter side. It doesn’t cling at all, but it does show seams from my bra and dents from waistbands, so I would always wear a “third piece” over the top. It looks professional but fights the frump with the choker cut-out. I usually don’t wear chokers as jewelry but I like this look in dresses and tops. It’s not so tight that you look like you’re choking and it makes the v-neck not look so revealing.

Work Outfit for Over 40, plus-size woman!

If you’re not used to wearing dresses in a casual manner, but more for dressed up occasions, try topping it off with a more casual “third piece” like this sweater. This is a total comfort, casual sweater (33% off now and in lots of other colors) and it helps take the glam factor out of the dress. I could have made it even more casual with a low or no-heel pair of tall boots. I know I’ve heard from you ladies that if you wear a dress to work everyone asks you if you’re going to a funeral and you don’t want to stand out like that. I know that feeling. But, if you think of dresses more casually and go a casual route you can start integrating dresses into your everyday wear because they are fun and pretty and easy to wear!

Work Outfit for Over 40, plus-size woman!

I’m wearing my super fun cheetah print heels. These are from several years ago and are no longer available but I found some similar pumps with similar heel heights. Here is a kitten heel, a block heel and a wedge heel. If you’re not quite up to cheetah print here is a more subtle cheetah print and a giraffe print. I love adding these to an outfit. As you know, I really only wear cheetah print in accessories, but when I do wear them I feel so stylish!

Work Outfit for Over 40, plus-size woman!

My pumpkin purse is out with the sun! I love adding this purse to outfits with jewel tones in them.

Ok, that’s it for today! Please remember to RSVP for the blog birthday party sooner rather than later and I’ll see you all on Wednesday!

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Dresses can be the apple-shaped woman's best friend!

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  1. I’ve never come across this choker neck style before so this was a new look for me. I see what you mean about it making the v neck less revealing too – very clever! The dress fits you like dream sweetie but I also love the layering of the cardi too. Your choice of shoes is fab, just enough to add a bit of flair.

    Have a great week!
    Anna x

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