A Gift A Young Adult Will Actually Like!

Hey everyone! Are you looking for a gift idea for a young adult? If you’re like me, it’s hard to find this age a gift they will actually like or use. How many times have you just resorted to giving cash or gift cards to your twenty-something?

I had Jord watches contact me about giving one of their watches as a gift. My husband and I were saying “who wears watches anymore since we all have our phones?” Both my daughters, aged 19 and 22 piped up “We do!” After a decline for a while, with the rise of smartphones, watches now are being embraced by millennials. Not so much for the function but for the style. Sounds like a great gift idea to me!


Since my eldest daughter Kealan is graduating from college this spring, I decided to give her the watch (Sorry Sara! You can have that sweater that shrunk. Check the dryer!). Kealan is often my photographer so it was fun to turn this around and take photos of her in her natural element!

We had a lot of nice options to pick from the ladies watches and we ended up choosing the Frankie 35. They also have a large selection of men’s watches.


First off the packaging was beautiful. This would be easy to send through the mail as a gift because it comes wrapped in it’s own wooden box and they have engraving for the back of the watch too if you want a personalized message.


Second, this is a nice alternative to gold or silver watches, especially if you don’t know if the gift recipient wears more gold or more silver. The wood is a visually interesting alternative and goes well with my daughter’s outdoorsy lifestyle. She wanted us to hurry up and do the photos so she could start wearing it out and about!


If you’re interested, for When the Girls Rule readers, Jord watches is offering a $100 giveaway! It’s easy to enter here! You have until March 4th to enter and everyone who enters receives 10% off and one lucky reader will receive $100 towards a Jord watch! Good luck!

Jord watches | www.whenthegirlsrule.com

So, if you’re tired of struggling to find a gift they’d actually like or being lame and giving cash, I’d look into these watches as a gift. Hear that Sara? No more shrunken wool sweaters!

Anyway, I am on my way to North Carolina as you read this so my next posts will be from a warmer, sunnier place (I hope!). I left a day early to beat the giant snowstorm that is blowing through Michigan now! Have a great weekend everyone!

[ This post is sponsored by Jord Watches. Thank you for supporting the brands that support When the Girls Rule! ]

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  1. Hi Julia, The packaging on the watch is really rich looking. The watch I would have picked when I was in my 20s for sure. Would like it now for sure . I hope Kealan enjoys it for many years to come. Isn’t it exciting to plan a grad celebration? Both of my boys have graduated University, warning when I heard pomp and circumstances start up this Mama started tearing up. But what a wonderful and proud day. Kathryn😢😁🤗

    1. Oh no! I teared up at her graduation from high school so this may be a repeat. She was actually trying to get out of going through the whole spectacle of graduating and I was like “nope”. No discussion. No dickering. You’re going through the ceremony! Thanks for always being such a great commenter!

  2. Fun! I haven’t worn a watch since my old favorite (a 1940s men’s tank watch) was lost or stolen (grr) at a yoga class, gosh…15 or more years ago! But I do miss it, even with a phone.

    That’s nice that you’re able to give this to your daughter…sorry for the other daughter that just gets the shrunken sweater booby prize, ha ha.

    We’re both headed to warmer weather this weekend – safe travels and enjoy the weather and change of scenery!


  3. I’ve seen these watches on the web but this is the first time I’ve tuned in to look probably at them. I think the style you chose is very sleek and can understand the appeal for your daughter. (Love that quip about the shrunken sweater!)
    Hope you have a lovely time enjoying warmer climes – lucky you!

    Anna x

    1. I am lucky to get a break from winter Anna. Right now in Michigan they have about 12 inches of snow! My daughter actually loved all of the watches and had a hard time choosing. I feel glad I was able to give it to her (and the youngest actually likes the shrunken sweater!).

  4. Just ten minutes ago I pinned an image of that same knitted hat to my Pinterest site, with the intention of knitting one for myself. You gave me a good chuckle when I popped over here to see what you were up to, and saw it on your daughter. I think that’s the hat of the moment!

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