Holiday Dress With Glamour!

Hey everyone! Happy Monday! I’ve actually had some downtime this weekend so I thought I’d be professional and actually keep to the regular schedule of the blog. Plus, I wanted to show you all this pretty dress before it’s gone because it’s on sale now!Outfit for Curvy Woman with Apple Shape! |

It’s navy blue which is a nice alternative to the little black dress if you feel black doesn’t work with your coloring. This is that nice ponte fabric that hangs nicely and skims the bumps and lumps but still has some stretch. Check out the pretty lace sleeves and hem! Very stylish but in an elegant, under-stated way! It’s also available in a more turquoise blue and ivory plus a very similar style with different lace on the sleeves in black, red and green. Perfect for the upcoming holidays!

Outfit for Curvy Woman with Apple Shape! |

Now, do you want to take it up a notch?

Outfit for Curvy Woman with Apple Shape! |

This sweater vest is perfect if you want a little more coverage or warmth but don’t want to look like you put on a schlumpy sweater. Look at this faux fur collar! Glamorous and warm and a way to make an entrance! The fur also buttons off if you want to use the vest for a more casual outfit. It’s available also in black and in plus sizes.

Outfit for Curvy Woman with Apple Shape! |

If you are loving the fun sleeves that are showing up everywhere now then I’d recommend getting some sort of vest (or sleeveless blazer I hear the younger women are calling them) so you can show off the sleeves but keep covered where you would like to be covered. This vest will be nice because it’s a sweater material it will transition easily to casual outfits. Plus, it hangs very flatteringly.

Outfit for Curvy Woman with Apple Shape! |

I hope you’re seeing some holiday dress-up ideas here on the blog because I know that can be a hard category to find a nice outfit. Even if you just added this glamorous vest to items you already have you will be looking more dressy and glamorous!

I’m having a great time in North Carolina! I’m eating such good food in Asheville and just walking around has been fun. We don’t have many hills in Michigan, let alone mountains, so this change in scenery is so exhilarating! I’ll also be closing on my new house and getting my first in-person look at it! I’ll be showing some of it on Instagram. We’re heading back to Michigan on Tuesday so that long drive will be not so much fun. Oh well, I’m with my husband and eldest daughter so we all get to take turns driving the 12 or so hours while hauling a horse back in the trailer. Lots of bonding time! Ok everyone, have a good Monday and I’ll try to continue to be professional and get a blog post up on Wednesday!

This post contains affiliate links to items I love and recommend. If you click on a link I receive a few cents. If you purchase from that link I receive a dollar or two. I put all of that money back into keeping this website running. Thanks for your support!

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  1. Wow! Love the dress, and the fur-trimmed vest really looks great. Accessories are perfect. You look beautiful! Suggestion…try it without the dark leggings. I think it would look dressier.

  2. Ooh, loving it all! The dress is very flattering on you and the faux-fur sleeveless blazer is a nice addition! Plus, crushing on that great stone wall you’re posing in front of (I’m all about backdrops!). Is that near where your new house is? Can’t wait to see some peeks of it on Instagram!


  3. Navy is a much gentler tone against the skin don’t you think Julia? I love this whole outfit, especailly the vest – that fur just adds a bit of glamour which is right up my street. I’m so pleased to hear that your house hunting has been successful.

    Anna x

  4. Love the ootd and I understand about wearing the tights – brrr, a bit cold to go without! I actually thought your legs look amazing and toned. Very sophisticated sexy 🙂

  5. They used to say, the dressier the dress, the sheerer the pantyhose. Navy sheer pantyhose would take it up a notch but to each his own.

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