I Found Some Shorts!

Hey everyone! So, let me just start off by saying that I know my hair looks puffy. I’m in Charlotte for a week and humidity and my hair like to mix and make a souffle! I could feel my hair getting bigger and bigger as we were photographing, so in many of the pictures I’m trying to smooth it down! I also only picked pictures from the beginning of our walk before my hair reached impressive heights! I’m going to have to figure out something before I move down here permanently. This helmet head is not what I was going for with my haircut! Any humidity hair advice? Please leave in the comments section!

Cute Shorts that work for my apple shape! | www.whenthegirlsrule.com

Anyway, you probably have noticed that I don’t wear shorts much. Usually I’m wearing a skirt and find them so much more flattering to wear in the summer. However, I know there are times when I wished I had a pair (like when you have to sit on the ground — impossible in a knee length skirt!) but besides all of the usual problems with finding pants you have to contend with the length too.

Cute Shorts that work for my apple shape! | www.whenthegirlsrule.com

I don’t care to show my thighs, so the shorts have to come to my knee or just above. Oftentimes, to get the shorts that fit in the waist you also get really wide legs and it looks like you’re wearing a pleated skirt. Really unflattering.

I gave these NYDJ shorts a try. I have a pair of their jeans and though on the more expensive side, I can find a good fit and they’re comfortable. They recognize we may be thicker in the middle yet still have slim hips or thighs. They also recognize that we need fabric that stretches without it looking like fabric that stretches. I’ve worn these almost non-stop since I got them last week.

Cute Shorts that work for my apple shape! | www.whenthegirlsrule.com

Summer forces me to find a top that has coverage but can still keep me cool. I will do sleeveless when it’s really hot, but my fair skin needs some protection from the sun. This top fits the bill. The fabric is thin, so be aware of what your bra color is, but was very comfortable to wear. I felt confident that I wasn’t showing a lot of skin but still looking stylish. The peasant style embroidery is a trend, so I wouldn’t invest too much in this style but this will be fun for this summer.

Cute Shorts that work for my apple shape! | www.whenthegirlsrule.com

Ok, I’m off to explore this city and to keep looking for our next house to live. These photos were taken at the UNC botanical gardens. Such a pretty place for a hot summer walk!

I’m linking up with all of the lovely ladies at Not Dead Yet Style today!

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  1. Try a little Moroccan Oil, just a few drops or your hair will get too flat, rubbed through your dry hair, to see if that helps with the humidity. Love your blog!

  2. I have the hair that clings to the neck and crawls along the scalp, etc. in high humidity and have always envied the gals who had the hair that was considerate enough to flounce away from the neck and fluff for catching the breezes.

    Your hair is great, appreciate it!

  3. If you’re a curly girl and living in humidity, you might just give up the straightening struggle and let ‘er curl. I grew up in San Diego (cool yet humid) and now live in rural Kansas (hot and humid plus wind), and find that a good layered cut combined with a light-but-strong styling product will keep you looking cool and professional even when you feel like you’re living in a sauna.

    You could stop by a likely-looking salon and ask for advice on your particular location. They might know a trick that you will then have to pass on to the rest of us!

    1. That’s a great idea. I have been thinking about going au natural but with this recent cut it is a little out of control. I may have to let it grow longer so I get waves instead and save the straightening for crisp days. I’m sure the salons down here must know how to help. I’ll make some time soon and I’ll let you all know!

  4. Loved the souffle intro, so funny! I was expecting to see Monica from Friends on holiday in the Caribbean as I read, but your hair looks absolutely fine. I would be thankful to be moving to area which provides nature’s volumiser for free, mine goes as flat as a pancake in humidity.
    Lovely outfit and you’ve chosen the perfect length. I started wearing shorts again last summer, love the freedom as you mention and I also feel on holiday as soon as I pop them on. I wear a similar length.
    Good luck house hunting, what fun, I’m envious!

  5. Your outfit is great. We used to visit Charleston SC when our son and daughter in law were grad students at MUSC. Being a Native Californian I wrongly assumed a trip to the beach meant cool air and water. One big HA. The city is beautiful and full of history. I loved the people we met. Very hot and humid. The fall was lovely,we even wore jackets in the evening. I hope you figure out a fun hair do. Your hair is so pretty.

  6. Welcome to NC! 🙂 I use BioSilk for my hair on especially humid days here in the south. You can find it at any Sally’s Beauty Supply store.

    I’m a new subscriber and I am loving your blog!

  7. try some “leave-in” balms for keeping the curls…i’ve had luck with garnier fructrise (green bottle) and also, some of the “salt sprays” for beach waves are good…i let my hair dry naturally in the hot weather and just let it do what it wants…i found my latest, greatest stylist by asking a woman who’s hair cut i admired, if she’d share her contact info…not everyone can cut curly/wavy hair well…good luck!!

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