I Was Seduced By Pattern!

Hey everyone! Have you ever bought something because of the pattern or the color? Or did you see it look really nice on the model in the catalog and convinced yourself it would look the same on you? I have. Yes, it’s this dress.

Seduced by Pattern

I saw this dress in a catalog (first mistake). When I received it, I was surprised that it had a sheen to it, especially around any curve. The fabric was more clingy than it looked in the catalog on the model (duh) and was a very different cut than I usually wear in a dress and the length of the hem is much longer than I usually wear. So many parts of this dress were outside of my comfort zone and my tried and true formula of a pencil skirt or straight dress ending right below my knee.

Seduced by Pattern

Yet, I kept it. I thought the pattern was so beautiful and unusual and I really wanted it to work. Plus, I’ve seen the longer hem length is in style and thought I should give it a try.

Seduced by Pattern

Here’s how I would improve this outfit. I would wear tall boots instead of pumps. The hem hits at a wide part of my calf and my skin is so fair and the dress is so dark so I think having a dark pair of tall boots would look better. Can you imagine a pair of dark green suede boots with this? Or even my faithful black ones? It would look more put together I think.

Seduced by Pattern

The longer hem I’m still on the fence about. I think it’s not the most flattering length for me and feels like it looks a little frumpy. Agree or disagree?

Seduced by Pattern

Because of the sheen, especially above the belt and below my bustline (really bad place to have light reflection) I think I need something buttoned up over it. Maybe a blazer or sweater, or a cape would be fun, but definitely something to cover the front. I think I also need long sleeves over this. It is a clingy fabric and doesn’t do anything for my arms.

Seduced by Pattern

So, with all of that critique above, I’d sum it up as thinking this dress could work if I covered it all up. Sheesh. As I’ve said before, I do like a challenge and I’ll give this dress another try but this might have been mistake. This could be a great dress to try with pattern mixing though as I talked about in my last post with this seductive pattern. I’m going to keep it a little while longer and try to work with it some more before a final verdict. I’d love to hear any suggestions from all of you. Is it salvageable or should I learn my lesson and move on?

I do not have any affiliation with any of the brands or stores nor do I receive any compensation. I’m just sharing what I’ve learned.

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  1. I think this outfit is perfect! It is very flattering. I would not change a thing. I would have to see it with the boots, but I really think I like the shoes better. You don’t need long sleeves over it. My first impression was “Wow, what a great look. She looks so thin.” Keep it for sure.

  2. >>I’d sum it up as thinking this dress could work if I covered it all up.

    Hahaha. I hear you!

    Since you’re soliciting feedback, I agree w/ you on a few points. I think adding a tailored jacket and boots might improve the look. I also might take it to a tailor to shorten and streamline the skirt. Like you, I find I look best in non-A-line shapes.

    I also agree with you that the fabric is very cool. So, I’d ditch the belt and add the jacket and boots.

    Alternatively, flash! How would it be to close the vest and belt it OVER the dress? I do like the long length of the vest. Then, the longer length of the dress might be fine, as is.

    BTW, where were you photographed? That looks like a really interesting place.

      1. Same — I never wear belts. Despite all the “advice” online about belts creating “the illusion of a waist,” they just don’t flatter me. In many of your outfits, though, I think belts work quite well for you — in fact, I tried a belt several times b/c I liked how they looked on you.

        So, where is this place you were photographed?

  3. I like the dress, but I think the long vest is covering too much of it. I agree with the suggestion of pairing it with a tailored jacket/fitted blazer. And boots are always a good idea this time of year. You can make it work!

  4. “So, with all of that critique above, I’d sum it up as thinking this dress could work if I covered it all up. Sheesh.” You made me literally laugh out loud.

    Since you asked…I personally think the dress length is fine, but the belt and vest are not quite right. The belt seems placed very low and is cutting you in half at a weird spot. And i think the vest length is not right for this dress length. I think a shorter blazer, more fitted at the waist, with a flare or slight peplum at the hip…or a vest of cardigan/duster that was the same length as the dress. If you’re doing the long cardigan, then I’d love to see knee high boots with the dress. Do you ever wear colored tights? I can’t exactly tell what colors are in the dress, but if you pull a dark neutral from the dress, wear opaque tights in that color and match the shoes to the tights, it will elongate the whole look.

    Of course, this is “do as I say not as I do,” ha, I have plenty of mismatched proportions in my own wardrobe…it’s a real challenge to get things to all play nicely together!

    Good for you for taking on the challenge!

    1. I’m hearing lots of suggestions for a blazer so I’ll try that next. I do wear colored tights too so that would be a good option. Yeah, sometimes the belt is magic and sometimes not so much. Yeah, I have to remember to think about proportion since this skirt is longer. Thanks for all of the feedback!

  5. I like the outfit just as it is! It looks great on. I like the long vest with the lower slung belt. I’ve done something a little similar to try and make my upper area appear longer and therefore make my boobs not look as big. Not that I can really hide them though, lol.

    I bet the boots and a jacket would also be a good look. The only other idea I’m coming up with is dark tights. If they’re a similar color to the dress it would perhaps give a long, lean look also. But I don’t really know, I’m not the greatest at putting a wardrobe together!

  6. First—it’s good to try something you don’t normally buy—experimenting is a great way to find out new and fun things!
    Second—I would never look at these photos and think you shouldn’t keep this. Whatever you did, it looks fabulous.
    It’s hard to tell about the sheen, since you did cover it up.
    And I think it’s nice to have a couple different lengths in your closet. The nice thing about too long, it the option to have it shortened anyways!
    I vote for keeping it too!
    Have you tried it with nude heels?

  7. I like the dress, and I like it with the vest – I think the vest and the necklace really work! But I can also see it with a blazer, and I do think boots may look more modern with it. I definitely think it’s a keep! 🙂

  8. Julia, I think the proportions of this dress are perfect for you. I love the pattern too and even how you’ve styled it today. The idea of high heeled boots is the only improvement you could make. You don’t need a buttoned up jacket (I think) as the waistcoat is lengthening in the body whereas a jacket would just cut you in half and you’d lose that long, lean look.
    Have a fab week x

  9. I like the dress with the vest, but the belt … hmmm. Yes, try it with boots and without the belt. I also echo the suggestions by others for a jacket. I would have totally fallen for this dress, too, but like you the sheen would have stopped me if I’d seen it in person first.

    Please do show us what you come up with, for this dress. Now it’s a puzzle we all have in common! 🙂

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