I Would If I Could… And I Did!

[This is not a sponsored post, even though I’m using lots of exclamation points!]

Hey everyone! My girlfriend and I were in Detroit last week and found the cutest little boutique shop right next to the Detroit Institute of Arts, our original destination. This is one of those places where you can find unique clothing that you can’t find in big, chain stores. This store is called The Peacock Room. Like all of these “I Would If I Could” posts I show you items that would look good on our shape even though I didn’t buy them. However, if you’re in the area, you could potentially buy them and you’d have my full recommendation!

Anyway, this is the first jacket that I really wanted. It is a great graphic print that would go with a ton of clothing I already own. It fit well in the waist and from the back it looked adorable. Yes, and it had pockets too!

Too darn cute! | www.whenthegirlsrule.com
How cute does this store look?

And then the second one. All the cuteness as above but with more color! Oh, I was sooo tempted! The brand is Luii and looks like it only sells through boutiques but perhaps they could direct you to a local retailer close to where you live.

Too darn cute! | www.whenthegirlsrule.com

And unlike other “I Would If I Could” posts, I couldn’t resist all the flattering items and brought one home. Be prepared for utter cuteness! As I show you these images of the jacket, you also get a mini-tour of the Detroit Institute of Arts!

Too darn cute! | www.whenthegirlsrule.com

A little bit of backstory…when I got dressed that morning I put on a sweater over this grey dress but it looked a bit frumpy and more casual than the look I wanted. Then I put my pink leather jacket on and it was shorter than I wanted and a bit edgier than I wanted. After I bought this, I immediately took off the pink jacket and wore this. It was the length I wanted, the weight I wanted and hit the right snappy casual look I was trying for. It’s faux suede on the outside but soft gray sweatshirt material on the inside and went perfectly with the dress.

Too darn cute! | www.whenthegirlsrule.com
My girlfriend and I were having fun exploring all the parts of the DIA!

As you can see it has really unique sewing on the chest, which lays flat but still creates the ruffles. I know. I’m a hypocrite. I’m always saying to buy a sweater that lays flat on the chest and stay away from ruffles. But, this one has some serious magic sewing and didn’t add bulk to my chest. And the way it hangs is so flattering.

Too darn cute! | www.whenthegirlsrule.com

Here’s the back. How cute is that? It’s by a brand called Magna and it’s only available wholesale. I’d love to be able to link to a place where you can buy it, but I can only find their Facebook page.

Too darn cute! | www.whenthegirlsrule.com
Is this not the perfect image for this blog?

The Peacock Room had this same jacket in red (which was my first preference) but they didn’t have my size. However, if you are bigger than me (at size 16), and are looking for a step-up from a sweater but a step-down from a jacket, I would highly recommend you get in touch with the ladies at The Peacock Room and grab one because they were on clearance!

Too darn cute! | www.whenthegirlsrule.com

This is a sculpture from New York street artist Swoon in the lobby of the DIA.

Too darn cute! | www.whenthegirlsrule.com

This is the famous Diego Rivera mural called Detroit Industry.

So, I love shopping at the small boutiques that are independently owned because they have unique items and usually cater to a larger variety of sizes and for every age. I found these unique articles of clothing here, here and here from similar shops. I wish I could link to the actual products so you could purchase yourself, but usually these places are very helpful in sourcing them or you could see if there is a retailer of that brand near you.

Of course, if you’re in the Detroit area you can always shop here because there were so many more items I could have shown. And I didn’t even talk about the jewelry! Definitely look for these little boutiques near your home or as you travel because you never know what wardrobe-changing item you may find!

Don’t forget that this Saturday is the last day to RSVP for the blog birthday party. If you have upped your style game because of this blog, please send me a picture of yourself in that outfit to julia@whenthegirlsrule.com and then you’ll be at the blog birthday party! You can see more details here.

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  1. That jacket was a brilliant find, and perfect with the rest of that outfit!

    I’ve been staying out of boutiques because in the past I’ve never found my size in their racks, but I might stick my head in again.

    Museum gift shops are fantastic for unique jewelry and other accessories.

    1. Yes! I totally agree about the museum gift shops, especially for handmade items. I’m finding these boutiques are filling the niche for sizes and ages that are ignored. I think they know their audience is older and has a more disposable income and still wants style.

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