It’s A Party!

Hey! Welcome to the birthday party! Come on in!

blog birthday!

Can I take your coat? Oh, look at you! Looking stylish as always! Love that outfit on you! Glass of champagne? Or mint lemonade? My two favorites!

blog birthday!

This is Dave. He’ll be our waiter today. You know him as the photographer/husband. Thanks honey!

Our waiter!

Come on in and let me introduce you to everyone.

This is Cindy. She was the first one here. She’s from North Carolina and don’t you totally love her shoes? Oh my gosh! She can rock the white shirt so much better than I can!

blog birthday!

Come and meet Carol Ann from Idaho. I’ll let her tell her own story: “You might remember that you told me to ease in to wearing my style changes by wearing them to lunches or dinners. That was the best advice. I’m feeling much more comfortable and today I’m actually wearing one of my outfits to work for the whole day! So far so good. Thank you, Julia! I feel like It’s liberating to let go of being self-conscious!” Plus, she brought her dog to the party! I love that!

Blog Birthday!

Some of you may know Susan. She is another blogger who really helps you construct an outfit and shows you the good and bad. Her blog is Over 5o Under 20  and she has been a good friend to this blog and blogger!

Birthday Party!

Susan also brought her friend Ann. Ann is looking fabulous and check out the necklace! Beautiful!

Birthday Party!

Let me introduce you to Nancy. She’s the one with the beautiful smile. She’s from Kentucky and was deciding between two outfits, this one she ended up wearing, but also one with the exact same jacket I tried on at Dress Barn and will be showing Friday in a “I Would If I Could” post. Great minds think alike!

Here is Leslie from Michigan. She is a good friend in real life and though she’s not an apple-shape (actually quite slim) she learned to love tall boots and to go for a long and lean look. I’m also pushing her to try more edgy outfits too (sssshhh, don’t tell her!).

Happy Blog B-day!

This is Kay from Corpus Christi, Texas. She’s wearing an old top but it’s totally on-trend with florals this spring and just didn’t want to miss a good party! She must just look at my cold weather outfits and laugh and laugh!

This beauty is Rhonda. She is a good friend in real life too and has always been stylish. She’s also the baby here since she just turned 30. We were friends before I figured out this fashion thing and I was always so impressed with her style and her use of colors! She also knows how to make an entrance!

Blog Birthday Guest!

First, I want to thank my beautiful models here who took a step out of their comfort zone and sent me pictures of themselves. I’m very touched by your trust to send a picture to someone on the internet! It’s so nice to see all of your faces for a change! I will be sending you all a token of my appreciation.

Second, I want to thank all of you ladies out there. I didn’t know what this blog would become or how it would evolve or how it would be such a part of my life. I took a jump and you all were there to catch me. I would not still be doing this if it weren’t for all of the comments and emails and lovely words I receive from all of you!

For my guests attending out there, I would like to give you a party favor for coming to this birthday! For me to know who’s attended, please sign up for my email list by next Wednesday, March 29 and I’ll randomly be picking two guests to receive a $25 gift certificate. If you’re already signed up for the email, then don’t worry, you’re already entered. As you all know, I never will sell or give away your email.

And I know your presence is my present, however, if you want to give this blog an additional present, please share your favorite post to Pinterest or Facebook. It’s easy. All you have to do is go to the bottom of your chosen post and click the Facebook symbol or the Pinterest symbol and it will go to your account. I want more women to know this corner of the internet is here and you well-dressed ladies are my best ambassadors to help spread the word, so thank you!

So, everyone mix and mingle. Talk fashion. Talk books. Talk movies. Drink champagne. Eat potato chips. Eat cake. Thanks everyone for coming and we’ll do it again next year! I’ll go turn up the music!


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  1. Great party! Really enjoyed the drinks, the food, and meeting all the other guests. The handsome waiter did a great job. You are the hostess with the mostest. 😉

  2. This might be the sweetest fashion blog post I’ve seen.

    Every one of the ladies here looks beautiful. So does Dave.

    Happy Blog Birthday! Pass that champagne right over here.

  3. I am so glad I found you Julia, love your blog and I hope many more to come. Everyone looks great at your birthday party. You have encouraged me to get out there and try new styles I was afraid to try and seriously take the time to pick clothes that suit my figure and not just something to hide my apple figure. Keep up the good work!

  4. Happy Blog-a-versary Julie! So proud of you for having vision and purpose and then turning that into reality with this blog. I’m so proud of you! You inspire me professionally, personally, and ever so fashionably. I look forward to your posts every week. Cheers and Hugs!

  5. Tak for sidste, as the Danes say. Fabulous party, Julia. I think I may have talked a little too much, maybe had one too many glasses of wine. Your photographer huddled with mine and talked golf and politics, I hope that didn’t stop him topping up the glasses. But a great evening, I love all your friends-and I hope I get invited back!

  6. What a beautiful way to celebrate your Blog-a-versary. Thank you ladies for sharing your special looks with us, and for supporting Julia in her desire to encourage women all over the world. All your smiling faces and beautiful outfits were such a joy to see. Thank you.

  7. Golly what fun! I was worried I’d missed the party, but here you all are having a ball. That waiter is rather cute, isn’t he? Do you hire him out for other events?

    You gathered a lovely group of friends together as well the late comers like me, so thanks for going to all that trouble to lay on the refreshments and music. Was that a bit of Queen I heard as I was coming in?

    Congrats honey on the blogday/birthday. I’m so pleased to see you and the blog thriving. You’ve made this little corner of the internet your home and what a fun place it is to hang out.

    Anna x

  8. What a great party! You are the perfect hostess! This is such a fun idea. I love seeing what the other party goers were wearing – such beautiful ladies! I’m so excited about the impact you are having on so many of us. Thanks, Julia! btw, my pups name is Effie. She photo bombed the picture but I had to crop it a bit so you couldn’t see the pile of clothes on the floor and she ended up in the crop outs!

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