Jackets and Cats!

Hey everyone! This post is actually about this super cute jacket but the cats seem to be stealing the show! This is another attempt by me to use the remote on my phone which makes the camera click and draws cats to my photo session and thwarts any attempt to seem even semi-professional!

Anyway, pretty casual today with this fall jacket. It’s a nice long length and has some flounce at the bottom making it a little bit more dressed up and feminine. Sometimes it’s hard to be casual but not look dumpy. This jacket hits that sweet spot of being stylish yet totally casual. In fact, when I went to the horse event a couple of posts back I wore this and it worked fine to look nice but still have horses licking your arm!

It’s also available in gray and black and in plus size. It also looks really nice zipped all the way up because of the collar but in all those pictures the top of my head is cut off!

I’m also wearing my “control top” jeans you’ve seen a hundred times and I wear all the time, so much so the fabric on the thigh is starting to get thin!

Also wearing my new favorite shoes. I was always kind of stuck on what kind of pants to wear with loafers but I love the ankle length pants with them. You’ve seen me wear my leopard print heels (here) and now I don’t need to wait for a heels kind of day to wear the leopard print which ups your style game instantly.

Ok, I’m getting another remote since I’m usually staring down at my phone in most pictures (in which I need to wear my glasses) or somehow have to set it down on a flat surface, hence the sitting photo which leads to my feet being attacked and overall chaos. Hopefully it will get here soon!

Ah, the glamorous life of a fashion blogger! Me and all these gingers will see you Friday!

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  1. I think your outfit is darling. So great to find a feminine jacket in the correct size. Have fun with the cats and don’t get to lonely. Looks like you have some fine company.🐹🌲

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