Jeans & A Sweater That Are Perfect For An Apple-Shape!

Hey everyone! Happy Friday! Today I’m wearing a sweater from Chico’s. It fits well, is on-trend and will be very versatile with jeans and skirts. Oh, and it’s pretty too!

Over 40, apple shape fashion |

This sweater is a cotton blend, so it’s not heavy at all. It has the pretty embroidery which is all the rage right now. It even has a wider sleeve, but it ends above the wrist so the fabric doesn’t get in the way and it has a tie so you can tighten it so it will fit around your elbow instead. I appreciate those thoughtful details. It also has a nice collar for wearing scarves instead of a necklace.

Over 40, apple shape fashion |

These pants are similar to the pants I wore here. They are by NYDJ (Not Your Daughter’s Jeans) which I have several pairs including the shorts I wore a ton this summer that fit really well. However this pair and the last pair have been too big in the waist. I know! If you are an apple shape you know that that never happens. I was really bummed because they fit so well everywhere else and I have been on the look out for an olive colored pair all fall (these are available in 6 colors!). But, this is good news for anyone who has a wider midsection than me! I’m wearing the 16 petite here and you can go to the “About” section for my measurements to see if these may work for you. Items like this don’t come around often and right now it’s 40% off!

Over 40, apple shape fashion |

I’ve added my leopard print flats I’ve shown many times before that I really like wearing with slim legged pants, especially ankle length pants and my pumpkin purse (of course!).

Over 40, apple shape fashion |

So, I am on the countdown until my youngest daughter gets home from studying abroad in less than two weeks!  She has had an amazing trip but her mom will be glad to see her. My empty, empty-nest has had some positives aspects but I’m ready to have others in the house besides me and the animals! In fact, there will be one day this month that all 4 of us will be together for one day and that hasn’t happened in over 6 months! Then there won’t be anymore pictures of me looking at my phone. I’ve done that pose enough for one blog! Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Oh, yeah love the sweater!! I can see it with black jeans or even black wide leg pants for a dressier look. The embroidery serves to whittle the waist as it curves around to the back….so stunning!!! Btw, your hair really pops against the black sweater; looking good in this outfit, Julia.
    So happy for you to finally be with all your family soon.

  2. Really like this outfit. Ticks all the boxes for me. Really suits you.
    I still love that handbag you lucky girl! Goes with almost everything!
    Thanks so much for this wonderful blog.

  3. Ooh, love everything about this post, especially that your baby will be home soon and your whole family together even if just one day!

    LOVING the embroidered sweater – that’s really a statement piece!

    I’ve been trying to get olive jeans for a couple years but I can’t find a good fit. The ones I’ve tried have been more of a cotton than a denim, so fit differently than regular blue denim (I also find that with black jeans – the fabric always seems thicker and less stretchy). Then there’s the color – I want more of a blue-toned green than yellow…EVERYTHING IS A THING! Ha.


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