Little Black Dress Anyone?

Hey everyone! We’ve all heard that a classic wardrobe item for every woman should be a little black dress. Usually that means short, tight and bare, not really my style anymore. I have a nice sensible cotton knit black dress but I wouldn’t wear it for a nice occasion nor consider it a little black dress. But, this one I would!

Little Black Dress For An Apple Shape! |

This dress is made of ponte material which is a heavier fabric (perfect for skimming and not clinging!) that has stretch but keeps it’s shape. You’ve probably seen lots of leggings from this material. They keep improving this fabric so it looks and feels smarter. The sleeves are a nice 3/4 length and has the ruffle on the edge. A pretty detail but not too trendy that it will look out of place next year. It’s also available in a really pretty blue too.

Little Black Dress For An Apple Shape! |

I could see this dress with a big, artistic statement necklace too instead of a scarf. This scarf is really large so there are lots of ways it could have been worn with this dress though I’m only showing two options. If you pop over to my Facebook page I posted a video showing a surprisingly huge variety of ways to tie a scarf.

Little Black Dress For An Apple Shape! |

Pretend I’m carrying a gold or silver clutch instead of the leopard print clutch! For a nice occasion I would use a clutch but since I only have one (working on that though!) I decided to use the leopard print even though it’s more casual since it’s suede. I probably wouldn’t wear two leopard prints together either unless they were exactly the same, but you get the idea.

Little Black Dress For An Apple Shape! |

I decided to keep the outfit toned down and just wore my black pumps. Though it could be zinged up with my red shoes as you can imagine! Or even the bronze metallic version or silver metallic version of those pumps.

This black dress is such a great canvas for jewelry, shoes and other accessories. As long as it continues to fit well, I’d say I’ve found my little black dress! Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. This is a great outfit! Love your scarf! I’m now inspired to work past my avoidance of scarves. Admittedly, I am clueless as to how to wear one without looking ridiculous. Ha!

  2. Your shoes are perfect with that dress. The purse would be great if you used a necklace instead of the scarf, but I do love that scarf!

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