Little Details Make Big Differences!

Hey everyone! I have always admired the peplum style tops (a shirt with some flounce at the waist) on other women. I’ve dutifully tried and failed to find one that looked good on me. The waist was usually too small and structured and then the puffed-out “skirt” of the sweater either looked too young and frilly or too much like a tu-tu. But, I’ve found one I’m really happy with here.

Cute peplum sweater for an apple shaped woman -

This is the Alfani brand again from Macy’s and I’m really liking their thoughtful designs. Just the way the “flounce” part of the top starts near my bust rather than at my waist so it flows out smoothly. There is some ribbed knitting on the side that is a larger knit, where the front and back are a finer knit, so less bulk. The way it dips below in the back to give me some coverage, especially if I had pants on. Just really thoughtful details that make this sweater work for my shape.

Cute peplum sweater for an apple shaped woman -

The sweater is available here and comes in several other colors (like a really pretty pink) and is also offered in petite here. I’m seriously thinking about getting this in another color like the pink or the blue because it fits so well.

Cute peplum sweater for an apple shaped woman -

I’ve been on the look-out for new black booties. I wear my others to death but they’re starting to look worn, even with a good polish. I found these and instantly knew they were the ones!

New booties! -

Cute peplum sweater for an apple shaped woman -

They have a chunky heel which is on-trend right now and the heel is brown and looks like lacquered wood. So different to see a brown heel with black leather. However, I feel these could go with a lot more outfits because of the brown. Also, like the top above these booties have great details, like the gold on the back heel and the little gold metal medallion-thing. These little details, I think, are the difference between a blah outfit and an outfit with style.

Cute peplum sweater for an apple shaped woman -

The skirt is several years old from J. Jill but they have one really similar here. And, of course, my purse of the moment that is going so well with black and gray this winter. Happy Wednesday everyone!

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  1. I think this may be my favorite of your outfits thus far! And may I point out, you are successfully pattern-mixing with the skirt, the scarf, and the bag. I know that’s been one of your goals!


  2. I think what you said Julia, is the key! Sometimes we think we can’t wear a certain style, but it really is the piece itself that makes a difference. I hate when I read that petites can’t wear this or that! It’s how the piece is fitted and made that makes all the difference (in my humble opinion!!)
    Like this peplum—I remember when they first came out—-so many articles were saying—don’t wear them. But I think the right one can be oh, so flattering and fun!!
    Like yours!! It’s perfect!
    ps…sorry for the soapbox—my fingers had a mind of their own for a minute there–LOL

  3. Agree! This outfit is terrific. The skirt length, it hits the sweet spot at your knee to show off the curve of your leg and width at the bottom…notice how it goes in at the hem and is more narrow than at the hip? If it were straight width, wouldn’t look as gorgeous!


  4. This outfit is just perfect! Every bit of it looks great. And the boots are A+++
    You definitely scored a win with this one. I looked online for the top in pink, but of course they are sold out except for Size Small. Might just have to make a trip to the mall. Sometimes you can find things in the store even though they are sold our online. Great look!

  5. Hello Julia-You’ve done it again! Super classy outfit and I just love the skirt! I wear a whole lot of skirts but don’t think I’ve ever had one quite like this-it looks so good on you I need to get one for myself. I also love the pop of pink and color around your face with your pretty scarf-plus it goes so well with your hair! BTW, yes we ARE neighbors, I live in the same town(the Cleary’s sign was a bit of a giveaway😉) Happy Wednesday to you too, C.

  6. Oh Wow!! This outfit is a winner from top to bottom. Love the style of the sweater with the lower back giving a somewhat sassy look 😉 What cute & stylin’ booties also, You are looking so cute and put together Julia!!!

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