Lots Of Denim Today!

Hey everyone! Back with another outfit that will be nice for the outdoor events coming up this spring and summer.

Great Denim Shirt for Apple-Shaped Women! | www.whenthegirlsrule.com

This shirt is another fun top I allowed myself to purchase even though the sleeves are not that practical. This is a fun trend at the moment and will be out in a year or two but I figure I can wear this to barbecues and outdoor events all summer and get my money’s worth. As you know, I usually buy items that are practical and classic, but occasionally I think it’s fine to just buy something a little bit frivolous!

Great Denim Shirt for Apple-Shaped Women! | www.whenthegirlsrule.com

The top is made of a light fabric so will be cool to wear all summer and its hangs lower in the back in case you want some coverage.

Great Denim Shirt for Apple-Shaped Women! | www.whenthegirlsrule.com

Now, I know some of you are hesitant about my new “control top” pants, so I thought I’d keep looking for more traditional jeans that work for our shape. These jeans have the traditional waist that fits (I’m wearing a size 16) but I’m noticing now some inconveniences with traditional jeans that I hadn’t thought about before I tried the control top jeans. For one, I’m never going to be tucking in my shirt, so there is no need for all the detailed sewing and hardware at the waist. The zipper and belt loops create bumps under a lighter fabric shirt. The thick denim fabric that covers the zipper also creates more mass right at the spot where I don’t need it!

Great Denim Shirt for Apple-Shaped Women! | www.whenthegirlsrule.com

Then the other issue I’ve always had to work with is how the extra fabric for the midsection meets the more narrow hips and legs at the crotch. Many cuts of pants, if they fit in the waist, do some weird wrinkling and gathering at the crotch (see bad picture below!). The only way it looks nice is if the shirt is covering that intersection and then you just can see the smooth fabric falling nicely over the legs.

Great Denim Shirt for Apple-Shaped Women! | www.whenthegirlsrule.com

The other difference with these jeans is they are a looser fit, more the “boyfriend” or “girlfriend” style, where you have more room in the legs. You usually see me in slimmer-fitting jeans like the last post or here. But sometimes I just don’t want something tight. The cuffed look is in style now as well as the embroidery look so these will work for a year or two, so I’ll be sure to wear the heck out of them this summer!

Great Denim Shirt for Apple-Shaped Women! | www.whenthegirlsrule.com

I also wanted to show you how an accessory can change a look. I have the really eye-catching necklace in the picture below which dresses up this outfit quickly. It also makes it look more feminine, kind of balancing out all the denim.

Great Denim Shirt for Apple-Shaped Women! | www.whenthegirlsrule.com

Here is the outfit without the necklace. It looks casual and perfect for a backyard barbecue. No heavy necklace to get in the way of sunblock or bug spray! I could see going from one more formal event to another more casual event in the same day and just changing the necklace in the car ride and looking put together for both events!

So, wow, I didn’t think this would be such a long post with so many pictures! I wanted to share some fit issues I confronted when I was wearing this outfit. As you know, I don’t want to just show you the perfect pictures but want to keep it real so you can learn with me and put together an outfit with confidence!

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  1. I think having a fun shirt is totally reasonable Julia!! Just because you may not wear it forever, does not mean you won’t enjoy it for the time!! It’s like the difference between flowers & trees—the flowers are very enjoyable, yet many of them only last a season! Yet we cherish them for that season, right? (look at me going on and on…ha ha).
    Anyways, as a fix it girl—i bet you could also take off that extra ruffle portion on the ends of the sleeve once this trend goes away and then have a medium-short sleeve shirt? Is that crazy?
    Maybe we need to do a collaboration sometime??

  2. Thanks Julia, I have finally realized that your” control top jeans” could be perfect for me as well. I haven’t tried any yet. I need something that fits my waist and doesn’t bellow in the behind. p.s. gotta love your husband for ctj. K

  3. Jodie beat me to the punch, but if more than one of us has the idea, there must be some merit to it. If you take the ruffles off the sleeves, you’ll have some matching fabric to add cuffs or something.

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