Too Many Stars of the Show!

Hey everyone! Last post I showed an outfit that was pretty basic. Nothing too exciting. Nothing really stealing the show. This outfit is completely different!

Too Many Stars of the Show! |

This outfit has two shining stars. One too many. The jacket and the dress. Both are eye-catching and should be the star, instead of crowding each other out.

Too Many Stars of the Show! |

This is one of the photoshoots I wasn’t going to show. I tried this dress with my black leather jacket hereย and in my mind, both jackets worked, but when I saw these photos I knew there was just too much going on. I felt like I couldn’t appreciate either because my eyes were looking at everything and getting dizzy!

Too Many Stars of the Show! |

This is definitely an example of why you need to have quiet, supporting characters in your wardrobe too. See how pretty this jacket looks when it has a nice, plain dress underneath? When I first started figuring out this fashion thing, I kept buying eye-catching items and then would always feel on display wearing them (even when running out to the grocery store) or they were all so special it was too much for one outfit. I then started purchasing things like a black turtleneck, a plain white jacket, gray sweater, etc… — just items that are classic and unassuming, to go with the stars.

Too Many Stars of the Show! |

I’ve learned (well, sometimes learned) to balance the stars with the supporting characters to have a more successful production! (Too many stage metaphors?) Oh well, have a wonderful weekend!

P.S. The dress is crazy on sale at $19 if you’re interested. I’m wearing a size 16 and they go up to size 18 and have plus sizes too.

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  1. I don’t know Julia!! I really like this jacket with this dress. Of course I know I can be crazy at times…ha ha! But the dress adds lightness and a little print to the mix. And since everything else is dark and basic…i think 2 fun pieces can work!!
    Of course it all depends on your comfort with standing out in a crowd, I suppose!!
    But I think you look incredible!! And what a great deal on the dress!! You’re my kind of woman!

    1. I agree with Jodie. I think the black jacket, boots, and bag overpowerthe dress and the black top and pants are too color-blocky with the jacket. I think the solid color and detail of the jacket give the floral print an ‘edge’ that makes the outfit more interesting. In this instance, less is not more, it’s just less cute.

  2. Yes. I love all the components – love the dress, LOVE the cascading ruffle blazer (cardi?)…but would prefer to see them each (to continue your show biz metaphor) as the stars of their own shows. I’d really love to see the dress with an army green jacket over it, pulling the drab green from the foliage on the dress.

    I never understand how some people call army green “khaki.” Khaki is tan, like khaki pants. Maybe I’m the wrong one but I’d love to hear the explanation.

    Hope you have a fun weekend planned!


    1. This jacket/sweater would look great on you Bettye. The cut is so nice and it sits very well-behaved on your chest but then still has those flattering ruffles. And pockets too! I agree green would look very pretty over it and I have a green jacket. I’ll give that a try –thanks for the suggestion!

  3. I do like the look of the cardigan with the dress, so pretty, but perhaps you are right because the black jacket looks so smart with the dress. Is the cardigan orange or tan.?

    1. I’d say it’s an orangish-tan-brown. It’s faux suede so it’s supposed to look like suede. My original idea was to wear it with my pink leather jacket to make it more springy but I left that jacket at my girlfriend’s house and didn’t realize it until too late!

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