A Mix Of Spring + Winter!

Hey everyone! Happy Friday! I know some of you are having winter weather and some having spring weather so I’m showing an outfit that works for both! Plus, tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day so I’m wearing my green here too!

Apple Shaped Blogger Giving Excellent Fashion Advice! | whenthegirlsrule.co

I’ve worn this dress  (and I just checked and it’s 50% off right now!) several times already on this blog and this is a reversible dresses so the other side is solid green (as you saw here). It’s a nice weight and hangs well and I’m totally fine not wearing a jacket or sweater over the top because it hangs so well and the pattern is really good at camouflaging bumps and dents. It’s also available in petite which is also on sale! I’m wearing an XL.

Apple Shaped Blogger Giving Excellent Fashion Advice! | whenthegirlsrule.co

The choker style adds some edginess and a bit of a trend without being over the top. If you’re looking for a really pretty floral pattern in the same style and reversible (in burgundy) here is one in straight size, plus and petite. Actually, I’m finding White House Black Market has a lot of reversible dresses available right now. I’m thinking about here (that’s also 50% off!) and this one myself! Ugh! I need to win the lotto!

Apple Shaped Blogger Giving Excellent Fashion Advice! | whenthegirlsrule.co

I’m still loving this long sweater/jacket. It’s cut like a jacket but is the fabric of a sweater. Actually, the knit is almost like a sweatshirt. It hangs well and has some interesting details with the white edging but not so much that it screams trendy. It’s another ingenious reversible item and you’ve seen me wear it with it’s gray side showing here. Chico’s has it in black with red edging and that is way on sale right now! I’m wearing size three.

Apple Shaped Blogger Giving Excellent Fashion Advice! | whenthegirlsrule.co

I’m wearing my faithful black pumps with the cute little ties on the heel you’ve seen many times (like here). They are available in shiny black leather and a pretty taupe too. The purse is no longer available but here and here are very similar and reasonably priced.

Apple Shaped Blogger Giving Excellent Fashion Advice! | whenthegirlsrule.co

And this is my last reminder (I know you’re sick of hearing this!) to RSVP for the blog birthday party. If you have been inspired by something from this blog and would like to show the other very supportive readers your beautiful self then please send me your picture wearing your inspired outfit! We won’t say your name and if you’re more comfortable you can not show your face. This is how we did it last year. Send me your picture by email to julia@whenthegirlsrule.com by Sunday night and we’ll have the party next Friday. I love this once a year opportunity to see all of you ladies!

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Look fresh for spring but stay warm! Apple-shaped ladies can look stylish too!

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  1. Ahh, green for St Patrick’s Day! Look at you, all holiday ready! I’m headed into the city to an exhibit I’ve been wanting to see at a gallery I’ve never been to…and we’re headed right into St Patricks Day Parade territory so things could get hairy! Will need to find something green to wear! I know my girlfriend wants to get corned beef and cabbage but I’ll be happy with a green beer!

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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