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Hey everyone! Happy Monday! I hope you had a good weekend! I have spent the weekend moving my husband out of his sad bachelor apartment and into our house in Charlotte. Since we haven’t moved in a while (15 years) we are rookies at this and failed to anticipate a lot of things — like getting city water turned on! We’ve been on a well for our last two houses and didn’t realize this crucial step. We also didn’t realize that since we haven’t sold the house in Michigan we don’t have furniture to move into our new house. As I write this I’m sitting in a rocking chair, one of two chairs we have here (and nothing else!). Needless to say we’re living a bit sparse right now!

Fall Outfit for Plus Size Women -

And onto the outfit! I showed these over the knee boots¬†(OTK boots as they’re known in the blogosphere!) on Friday and shared what I’ve learned about them for anyone thinking about trying out this new item. It definitely is a new look, like wearing cropped pants, that takes some getting used to. So, even though the look is different they feel just like tall boots, only taller! They’re also really warm, so these will be a great way to continue wearing leggings and skirts during cold weather.

Fall Outfit for Plus Size Women -

I’m going to try styling them with a skirt or dress next so you can see that look. This also is a good way to wear a skirt or dress you have that’s maybe a bit too short for your comfort. With these boots your legs will have coverage and still stay warm and you can pull out a beloved skirt that you haven’t worn in a while! I’ve paired them with new skinny leg jeggings¬†that you’ve seen before and a great all-around blouse with a pretty pattern (and is 40% off today!).

Fall Outfit for Plus Size Women -

You can also see the textured detail on the handle of my “roll of the dice” purse. No idea what I’m talking about? Online the purse is silver metal but when I received it, it was gold metal. So if you’re a risk-taker, roll the dice and see which purse you get when you order it online! I’d love to hear which one you get. Not a risk taker? Here is the same purse with less bling (and in red and gray) and both bags are 30% off now! If you’ve been waiting for the pumpkin purse to go on sale it’s now 30% off too!

Fall Outfit for Plus Size Women -

Ok, I’m off to unpack more boxes and do some furniture shopping. We’ve decided to have Christmas down here, at least just the 4 of us, so I need to get some beds and chairs and at least one table. I did buy my first item for the house: a Christmas wreath for the front door. Now if only I can find some nails or tape or wire or something to hang it! Have a great week everyone!

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  1. Moving is always a challenge! And especially hard during the holidays, so I feel for ya!

    Loving the OTK boots! I really love them in this taupe color. Taupe and “griege” are two of my favorite colors. I love “non-colors,” or in-between colors…like “greyed aqua” or “blue-toned olive.”

    You know what I always found interesting? That “over here” we call army green “olive” and in the UK they call it “khaki.” But OUR khaki is tan! I know we all have lots of different names for things but… ANYWAY, I digress (shocking).

    I didn’t realize you weren’t fully out of your Michigan house yet. Do you have a closing date yet for the house up north? I bet you’re looking forward to having all this house business behind you!


  2. Moving has so many parts that you just can’t remember everything. I hope you’re doing okay….and as my hubby always says “this too shall pass”…..
    Heck, just this morning our washing machine started making the worst noise ever, and didn’t finish the job!! Eekkkkk…I guess it’s time for a new one!
    ps…love the boots—they are the best new fashion to keep warm IMO!!

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