My Favorite Sweater

Hey everyone! After the last post where I talked about how I didn’t care for cardigans, I thought I’d show you the kind of sweater I really love.

Best sweater for an apple-shaped, over 40 woman -

This sweater gets so much wear October through April. When someone talks about a “wardrobe workhorse” this is what they mean. I wear it tons. Wash and dry it carelessly. Then throw it back on.

Best sweater for an apple-shaped, over 40 woman -

I know these pictures don’t show it well with the black blending into the black so I’ll try to explain it well. It has some weight from the knit jersey so it hangs nicely and has stretch. It has some structure so it dips in a bit at the waist then flares out a bit. It has this shawl collar that gives coverage and it has a nice vertical line.

Best sweater for an apple-shaped, over 40 woman -

And it has pockets!

This is a comfort sweater. When I was anticipating a stressful day at work I would wear this. It looked good and gave me comfort. It was my comfort armor. I own it in black and gray (though I keep hoping the burgundy comes back in stock and then I will snatch it up) and I have the summer version in white. It is from White House Black Market and black is available here, gray is available here, tan here and white here.

About this dress. I bought it in the spring and realized that I loved everything about it but the hem was a bit too high. No problem. Just wait until fall and wear tights or leggings with it and all of a sudden it doesn’t look too short. This dress is from J. Jill and is old but a similar dress (though it’s a bit heavier material) available here.

Best sweater for an apple-shaped, over 40 woman -

The scarf you’ve seen before here and it goes with so many items I own (I call it my girl-power scarf) and is available here.

Best sweater for an apple-shaped, over 40 woman -

Where we’re photographing

And how about this wind and cold? These were taken on the Detroit River last Sunday and it was cold and windy. Of course, it’s gotten colder since then so be prepared for lots of red-nosed photos for the next few months! And, yes, that is Canada on the other side of the river. So exotic!

This post contains affiliate links to items I love and own or love and wish I owned! 


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  1. Love! I hope my question isn’t too nosy — but do you wear a slip under this dress? Every time I try to combine anything w/ tights, I find the the “cling factor” drives me nuts all day.

      1. LOL! Exactly! Yesterday, I found myself in the restroom at work, washing my hands and then “drying” them on my clothing b/c I’d read somewhere, long ago, that moisture would help reduce static cling. I almost had to go home and change b/c my outfit was NOT working — my layers had developed a subatomic bond that I couldn’t break and everything was riding up and clinging. Ha.

  2. That blue looks great on you!

    I am so irked that I have lost *my* black longline duster “workhorse” sweater. So many times I’m putting together an outfit and I think that would be the best topper…and then I remember it is somewhere in the nether region 🙁 And I KNOW the second I spend money to replace it, I will return home and it will be sitting RIGHT THERE in front of my face!

    Stay warm!!!


  3. I’ve been eyeing this sweater in burgundy; then when I decided to purchase it was
    GONE!! Love this style of sweater and I have quite a few in different colors but
    needing burgundy. You are looking great in the blue/black combo…with the scarf
    ‘tying’ it all together.

  4. I just stumbled on your blog and love your style (48 year old, mum of two primary age kids, frantically juggling work etc and in need of some style inspiration!). I have just been on the WHBM site and ordered this lovely flattering cardi for international shipping to Scotland. Thank you!

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