No Sad News Here + Fall Shoes!

Hey everyone! Let’s have a diversion from sad news in this space today. Let’s talk about fall weather and fashion! Michigan is having a warm autumn so I have found the need to add to my shoe collection (this is almost a legitimate reason to add to a collection!) so that is happy news! And one of my blogging friends and frequent commenter, Bettye, has no evidence of cancer! See? Not everything is sad news!

Fall Outfit for a big bust |

Usually by now we’re into closed toe shoes and boots here in Michigan but it was 80 here yesterday and is supposed to be 75 today. My summer sandals (you’ve seen hundreds of times) seem too strappy and bare to wear now that it’s October. I also find the beige color works well with my fall outfits. Luckily I found the perfect shoe for this transition!

Fall Outfit for a big bust |

These peep toe booties are really comfortable. Usually when I tried on this style of bootie it felt like the high heel pushed my toes into the opening and that was pinchy! Luckily these have a low heel and the leather is very pliable so it molds to my foot and my toes have the room they want!  They also come in other pretty fall colors like olive and cinnamon (don’t those colors sound enticing?).

Fall Outfit for a big bust |

The other new item to this ensemble is this faux suede jacket. You know this will look good on our shape because it looks terrible on the model! I could wear this style over and over again because it’s comfortable, flattering and works well with so many other items of clothing I own. It is stretchy and doesn’t have cuffs (just the cut off fabric) so it’s easy to push the sleeves up and it’s lightweight so easy to wear something under. I’m wearing my sleeveless top you’ve seen many times already and I’m still loving because not only is it reversible but you can have it buried under a pile of clothes and pull it out, shake it out, and there are no wrinkles! Not that I do that or know anyone who does that!

Fall Outfit for a big bust |

I’ve paired it with my vanilla jeans (another color named after food!) that are getting a lot of wear this fall. I’ve given my white jeans a break (plus I was getting sick of them!) because I was looking for a softer color than the bright white. They also have this pair in a curvy fit and in the color natural which seems to have a more pink tint and curvy fit for that color too.

Fall Outfit for a big bust |

Halfway through the photographs I realized I didn’t have a purse with this outfit. I brought my new purse out and look how it steals the show! It’s probably good I have some photos without the bag so you can actually focus on the rest of the outfit!

Fall Outfit for a big bust |

Lastly, I haven’t added to my jewelry collection lately so I popped by JCPenney and picked up a few necklaces. This one is half gold and half black and looks like a ribbon but is actually a flat chain. Super interesting looking. I was trying to get a close up of the necklace which is why I’m in such a goofy position. For some reason, I didn’t think I would be in the camera’s view unless I squatted down. Oh well, you get to see how the fabric moves with the clothing this way I guess! The things I do for this blog! Hope you have a good second half to this week!

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  1. Hey! I’m Bettye of the Good News! Ha. So funny, when I first saw the title of this post I thought, “*I* have some not sad news this week!” Glad to be doing my part in balancing the scales of good news/bad news a bit.

    Guess what else is good news? There’s a 3-day weekend ahead! Yay 🙂

    Cinnamon, olive, vanilla – yes, you’re making me hungry!

    I got a pair of faux suede “cinnamon” (hee hee) peep-toe block heel sandals last fall…I actually always meant to return them cuz they just don’t feel like me, but then I started to not feel well and blah blah blah and now I own a pair of cinnamon peep-toe block heel sandals…so I should figure out some way to incorporate them into my wardrobe. I’m a little embarrassed to say I have quite a few articles of clothing that were SUPPOSED to be returned…and many months later I come across a bag or package and am like, hmm, what’s in that packa…OH CRAP. Ha. Does anyone else do that??

    The necklace does look interesting…

    Thanks for sharing my good news, Julia!

    xoxo Bettye

    1. I have forgotten before but only when they have a limited return time. Usually I keep it out where I will see it and keep it in the original bag so it doesn’t get into the mix. And I’m glad to share your good news b/c it’s in short supply right now! Plus, your comments are always sooo fun to read!

  2. Those shoes are cute. Have you bought the peep-toe booties from TOMS? I have three colors. So comfortable. I wait until Dillards puts them on sale and then an additional 40% off – they end up around $40-$45. They’re suede and the foot part is perforated so really year round as long as the weather’s appropriate.

    Great news Bette!

  3. You look spectacular! Thanks for the good news, it is always a pleasure to see what you are wearing & to hear about your life. Love, Lauri Burke

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