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Hey everyone! So, after I said last Monday that I would be more professional and keep to my blogging schedule of posting Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I went completely off the rails and didn’t post at all! Ack! If you’re a regular reader you knew I was going to have a crazy week with multi-state travel, relatives, horses and more, so writing two more posts seemed a bit of a pipe dream. However, in my non-blog world, everything else worked out great! We closed on our house in North Carolina on Monday without a hitch and I finally got to see it! It is so cute with lots of windows and wood floors and a new kitchen. It also has the most beautiful magnolia tree in the backyard. I currently live in a 1913 farmhouse that we have remodeled from top to bottom and we have always had a project on our to-do list. This new house is a midcentury modern ranch that only needs minor work to get it the way we want. I don’t know what we’re going to do with all of our free time! Perhaps add another day to my blogging schedule? We’ll see how disciplined I will be!

Casual Outfit for a Curvy Woman! |

We safely brought our daughter’s horse back to Michigan from North Carolina and I hosted Thanksgiving for my family. My sister and her husband and three boys always stay with us for a couple of days which is a blast but complete chaos! My brother and his two daughters and my mom were here too for Thanksgiving so I had a full house. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Casual Outfit for a Curvy Woman! |

As you can imagine we all ate and drank too much (and talked and laughed!) for several days straight. We even got in a round of roller skating! So, needless to say after all that feasting I’m feeling like a complete chub — thank goodness for this outfit!

Casual Outfit for a Curvy Woman! |

True confessions here: I ordered these skinny jeggings in a size larger than I usually do (size 12 short). I guess I like the look of skinny but not the feel of skinny! Since these are “traditional” waist jeggings rather than my “control top” ones, (if you have no idea what I’m talking about you can read what I mean here), I just couldn’t bear the thought that they would be skinny-tight, even though the fabric has lots of stretch. Would I recommend buying a size larger? No. Because they give me weird wrinkles on my legs and behind my knees. Are they easy to wear? Yes. I’ve washed them once and they’ve shrunk a little and I don’t notice the lines on my legs as much anymore but the fit isn’t great. I’ll be keeping these jeggings for those days when I’m feeling especially chubby and want something looser to wear, especially after the week I’ve just had! Plus, I just received a new pair of over the knee (OTK) boots and these work fabulously with them. These jeggings are also available in plus size and long.

Casual Outfit for a Curvy Woman! |

Ok, so the other part of pants that I don’t like as an apple-shaped woman, is how the button part of the waistband sticks out, especially when I’m wearing a soft pretty sweater like this one. I wear a spandex camisole underneath the sweater and pull it over the top of the waistband to keep the button area from sticking out. I don’t like tight camisoles, like shapewear, because really, where is that extra flesh going to go? I once tried a shapewear top that promised I would get a smaller waist because it would shape my waist inwards. Unfortunately it ended up just pushing my side body into the front and I looked very pregnant. The extra flesh doesn’t get squished inwards, like you’re led to believe. Perhaps if you just want a little shaping it could help? I don’t know. For my size shapewear isn’t going to change anything. So, I look for a smoothing fabric that tamps down the button and lets the sweater skim over my undergarments and torso. This camisole looks similar to what I wear and I always look to see that it says the “slimming level” is light. I don’t want to feel like a sausage in casing and I have no illusions that fabric is going to change my shape into something I am not, so I choose comfort.

This sweater tunic comes in 5 different colors though I’m not seeing the blue as an option any more (edit: just found it here!). And I’m finishing off this comfortable outfit with my beautiful pumpkin purse and my wool sneakers that my daughters keep stealing and wearing!

Gosh, I can tell I’ve been away from this blog because I’m super chatty today! I will be back on Wednesday with those OTK boots. I promise!

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  1. I know what you mean about those wrinkles in your leggings, Julia. But I think it’s a normal thing. I see it on everyone else too–even when they are really tight!
    I’m so glad the closing went well, and now you can get back to normal. My hubby just retired, so I was hoping we could spend more time together—doing fun things like walks and such!!

    1. Did you know White House Black Market is starting to carry plus sizes too? About moving: It’s complicated! I actually won’t move until we sell the house in Michigan because that’s where the animals are plus my two daughters now. I will go down to NC a lot to get some things moved, but we’ll be having two houses until spring. We are taking the Michigan house off of the market for the winter since both daughters will be commuting to Michigan State University for the semester. I told you it’s complicated!

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