Practical White Shorts!

Hey everyone! White shorts? Yikes. I know. I know. They’re see-through. They show any little dimple in your behind. You can see your underthings. I totally know where you’re coming from because I have those same thoughts. I haven’t had a pair of white shorts in decades because of those reasons but I like how summery and crisp they look. Yes, I could get a pair of white denim shorts, but sometimes all those seams and fabric and pockets are too hot (I’m getting myself prepared for the south!). Luckily I’ve found a great pair that has a lighter fabric and no wrinkles (I’m looking at you linen!).

I talked in this post about how I was on a search for shorts for this summer since I actually had none (yes, really!) and sometimes wanted to give my summer skirts a break. I’ve tried on probably 6 different pairs and so many of them, if they fit in the waist, are humongous in the legs. This waist is comfortable and stays in place and the legs are a straight style. I’m wearing a size 2.5 (Chico’s has their own sizing).

My blogging friend, Jodie from J Touch of Style, has commented that she thinks I should try red tops more often since I usually gravitate toward the blue colors. She’s also been showcasing more items from Chico’s store. I always thought of Chico’s as more for older women who are more flamboyant in their outfits than I am, but I’ve seen some cute things on Jodie and her mom and step-mom, so I thought I’d peep in and have a look around.

This top is another off-the-shoulder style, which I find quite impractical, so I wear it the way I want! You saw me do it here too. Yes, it does look cute off the shoulder, but I think it looks just as cute this way. Plus, if you’re like me and will not be wearing a strapless bra anytime soon, you can still wear these cute tops that are everywhere this summer!

I did need a pair of summer shoes that I could throw on to go to the store or run errands when I didn’t feel like wearing my sandals. These shoes are lightweight fabric on the upper but has an extra spongy base in the shoe so it’s not a typical flimsy espadrille flat. Plus, there were so many patterns to pick from that it was hard to decide!

I decided to give you a break from my tan heels and my yellow purse. I’ve packed up most of my clothes, shoes and purses so you’ll have to bear with me. Yes, this purse is too small for me since it just makes me look bigger, but I love it and when it’s really hot outside I don’t feel like carrying a heavy leather, sweaty purse. It’s going to be fun watching me adjust to the south, isn’t it?

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  1. Is that purse made of soda can tabs? Cute!

    Yeah. Shorts. They’re rough. I find the inseams always ride up as I walk and that just aggravates me, grrr.

    I’m cranky but wanted to tell you you look cute!

  2. I’m just pleased as punch (see, I could live in the South with expressions like that) to see you try out new styles and colors, Julia!! And thanks so much for the shout out!!
    I only know that I’ve been pleasantly surprised at Chico’s offerings lately (and my wallet hasn’t been as heavy either–ha ha). I’ve always marveled at their jewelry, but I’ve been loving their clothes more too lately!! In fact, you’ll see me in a white & BLUE top in a couple weeks from them!! You start wearing more red, and I’ll start wearing more blue—we’re a great pair!!

  3. With your training & background, are you noticing same sun but different lighting and differences in color? Is it influencing color choices in your wardrobe or decorating?

  4. Those shorts are perfect. I’d be tempted to get all 3. The south can be brutal but also beautiful.The red top and shoes are great as well a good pick.Right now l have so many shorts and pants perhaps I better wait until next summer. If something has to be zipped and buttoned this lady is sunk. Even when as skinny as possible it is always the waistband. Hoping your house sells soon so you can join your hubby. Have a blessed week ya”‘ll

    1. Yes, I guess I’ll have to incorporate “ya’ll” into my conversations, though it will take some getting used to! And let me tell you, that if I have to button or zip a bottom then I know it’s not going to work too. I actually just pull the pants or shorts straight up without unzipping them in the changing room so I know whether or not they’re going to work straight away. Take care!

  5. This look is very pretty and very flattering. I still think the purse is out of proportion, although cute. Welcome to the South!

  6. Fantastic outfit on you. I own one pair of denim shorts that I wear only on vacation cause my legs are not my best asset. Welcome to the South. .

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