Pretty and Casual For The First Day Of Spring!

Hey everyone! So, another new pair of jeans I had resisted but now can’t remember why! Look! I’m even sitting comfortably without a button popping open and I can still breathe!

First Day Of Spring Casual |

Last week (here) I disclosed that I finally tried maternity jeans for our shape. I had stubbornly been avoiding them but really had no good reason to not try them. Of course, they fit perfectly and were comfortable and have opened up a whole new world for comfort and style.

First Day Of Spring Casual |

Here is another pair. These are not expensive so I thought I’d try the distressed trend since I have a really hard time spending money for clothes that are already ripped! These have become my grab and go jeans for running errands or running out to the store because they are so easy to wear. It’s available in plus size here.

First Day Of Spring Casual |

I have been wearing my white jacket a lot this winter (you’ve seen it many times on the blog which means I’m wearing it even more in real life) and when I went to grab it a couple of weeks ago I just couldn’t do it. It’s like when you just can’t eat another M&M even though you’ve happily been eating them without a thought. Luckily I found one really similar in style in this spring color though they also have white. It’s by Calvin Klein and I’m finding their design is really flattering and I can zip it up! The same brand of my old white jacket (Apt. 9 from Kohl’s) has a really pretty dusty pink that I may have to check out!

First Day Of Spring Casual |

I’m completing this spring transition by wearing my flats which look really cute with cropped or ankle length pants. It’s still cold here, so right now only my ankles are getting exposure but as the temperature rises so will my pant lengths! My flats are a year old but here and here are some similar ones.

FYI: The light blue blazer from the half girlfriend/half blogger post has been added to the Macy’s website and is available here!

See everyone Wednesday at the blog birthday party!

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  1. a) Yay, wearing jeans and breathing! Breathing is good!
    b) Good on you for the maternity test 🙂 I had a very hard time finding PLUS SIZE maternity when I was pregnant, I wonder if it’s any better now (that was 26 years ago). Will have to take a look!

  2. Love to see the flats worn with no socks or hose, when I do this I always pull the inside liner out, whats the secret. Perhaps I just have hot feet.!!!

  3. I wondered about whether distressed jeans were age-appropriate and felt wrong paying money for jeans with holes . . . until I bought a pair!

    I think perhaps it works because the distressing adds visual interest or texture on the legs – an apple-shaped body’s asset.

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