Pretty Like A Flower Garden!

Hey everyone! I’ve been pretty casual on the blog lately, so I thought I’d show a more professional look, but one that still has some pretty to it!

Pretty Like A Flower Garden! |

This shirt, another one of my Chico’s finds, is my version of how I wear the off-the-shoulder style. I think these shoulders stay up better because I have a big bust. Score one for the big bust! It has a cotton lining so it’s actually a bit heavier (great for air conditioned rooms) but it is in no way see-through.

Pretty Like A Flower Garden! |

I’ve paired it with my every faithful pencil skirt from J.Jill and my ballet flats (actually they’re called ghillie flats) that I find so flattering to my ankles!

Pretty Like A Flower Garden! |

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw my hair in it’s natural state, i.e. curly with a mind of it’s own. When we took these pictures it started lightly sprinkling and I am sure you can guess which pictures were the first we took and which pictures were later! If you have curly hair you know exactly how it takes the slightest opportunity to to become unruly. This haircut, with all the layers, also encourages this subordination!

Pretty Like A Flower Garden! |

Anyway, this photo is taken in my garden. I spent years trying to grow a tame vegetable and flower garden, then gave up and tried to make it more an english garden with bushes and flowers and then gave up and just let it go wild. The only thing I can maintain is the path and now I call it my pollinator’s garden. I have noticed lots more butterflies and bees and hummingbirds. The goldfinches love the thistle and the Monarch butterflies love to lay eggs on the milkweed. It’s actually the prettiest little garden to look at out of my kitchen window, with a mix of planted flowers like foxglove and daylillies and all of the wild flowers. Something is always in bloom.

Alright, so a little off track from fashion, but I find sometimes I just can’t think of anything helpful to write about in regards to the clothes, so I may veer off-track now and then. Hope you don’t mind!

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