Pretty Summer Pants!

Hey everyone! So, even though it’s summer, there are occasions when I still want to wear pants. I’ve been looking for a thinner fabric pant and the ever elusive comfortable fit around the waist. These pants have both and are not the “control top” versions I have been wearing and raving about.

These pants are by Wit and Wisdom and were recommended by one of the readers here. The waistband is very comfortable with lots of stretch and the fabric all around has lots of stretch. I really wanted a pretty color and they have lots of options and are on sale now! The only problem I see, is I ordered regular size 16 and I should have ordered petite. I think they would have fit around the ankle better. Thank goodness Nordstrom is so good about returns!

Summer Pants! |

I’ve paired it with the shirt from Loft you’ve seen before here. It’s on sale now too and available in white.

Summer Pants! |

I’m heading back to Michigan so perhaps this hair will calm down, though I’m going to be trying out all of your suggestions. We may have found a house here in Charlotte and we have two showings on our house in Michigan this weekend, so fingers crossed!

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  1. 2 of my best friends from high school live in North Carolina, my Dad’s family is from South Carolina although dad was born in Los Angeles. I liked your outfit the pants look and sound fantastic I suffer with to tight waist or to big in the legs.Have a blessed week Kathryn

    1. I totally understand where you’re coming from Kathryn! The clothes makers think if you need more room in the waist then you must need more room everywhere else. I always thought I had to choose between tight waistband and better fit everywhere else or comfortable waistband and clown pants everywhere else! Luckily, I’m able to find and report on a few well-fitting styles. Thanks for your comments. I love reading all of them!

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