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Hey everyone! Happy Friday! Anyone have anything fun happening this weekend? I am going to a blogging conference. My first one! I’m going to figure out how to do this better! What does that mean? I have no idea! This was a total spur of the moment, Eleanor Roosevelt do one thing every day that scares you, moment!

Boss Babe! | whenthegirlsrule.com

But, before I head out let me show you these cute pants. Your pant hems are such indicators of style and so easy to change up. Are you still wearing boot cut pants? They are a bit dated. These skinny ankle pants are super comfortable (wide, elastic waist) and even though I have wide calves (17″) they make my legs look slim.

Boss Babe! | whenthegirlsrule.com

Plus, the shorter length shows a bit of ankle so it’s perfect for spring. They have them in khaki, navy and white and I’m considering getting another pair because they are so comfortable. They also have them in curvy style.

Boss Babe! | whenthegirlsrule.com

I’m wearing my blazer from last year from Calvin Klein. They have a new version in the same color available! And in plus size though it looks terrible on the model — first indicator that we know it will look great on us! They also have the same exact cut in a light gray and a soft green.

Boss Babe! | whenthegirlsrule.com

Finishing off with the super versatile, would recommend it every single day of the year, camisole from White House Black Market. It’s such a no-brainer which is why you’ve seen it so many times before. And it’s on sale!

The shoes you’ve seen many, many times and are still cute and comfy (and now available in a melon color and a light pink) and same with the purse that I’m wearing out by hauling it around so much! And it’s on sale too!

That’s it! Wish me luck at the conference! For some reason I’m nervous, even though I’m really a blogger and I’ve been doing it for two years! That “imposter syndrome” is real! Erg!

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    1. Oh, hey Adrian! I was not at that conference but I love meeting other bloggers at them. Thank you so much for reading and for inviting me to your Tailwind Tribe. I haven’t had time to look into that yet or figure it out but it’s on my to-do list!

  1. I am a new subscriber. This is my favorite outfit so far! It looks so polished and comfortable at the same time.

  2. Julia the plus size does look terrible on the model. One would think Macys would fit it better. The blue looks fantastic on you. The new pants are great. Have a wonderful scary weekend. It’s scary to go among women you don’t know. You will make some friends I know.

    1. You know I always feel this way when I go somewhere and I have to remember that everyone feels this way and as soon as I introduce myself to one person then that feeling is gone. The pants you will be seeing a lot b/c they look professional but feel almost like leggings. And that Macy’s picture is terrible isn’t it? She looks like she’s wearing a bag.

  3. You went! Yay! I want to hear all about it…every detail! Was it the one in NC?!

    I’m just catching up on my reading after the work week from hell so I might be confusing/combining your two most recent posts, but yes, I love posts about Real Matters (that fashion isn’t real but you know what I mean!).

    Did you mention Tailwind somewhere? I just signed up for something there after hearing things about it on a blogger podcast I listen to and haven’t done anything with it yet, either. It’s hard to make time for All the Things….and then All the NEW Things and then All the MORE NEW Things! I’ve already given up washing the dishes and mopping the floor to make time for blogging stuff – I’m Just That Devoted 🙂

    I always love this blue blazer on you. I like seeing repeated items. I’d rather see “here are all the different outfits I can make with my 30ish piece wardrobe” than “here are the 10 new things I bought this week, and next week…and the week after that.”


    1. Yes, it’s your fault I went! Ha ha! Actually that is true but I’m sooooo glad I went. You just alerted me to it. I haven’t talked about Tailwind and haven’t figured it out yet. I guess I should figure it out unless you do it first then just tell me what I need to do in a simple format. Just kidding! You’re right about something new to figure out and this old brain takes a bit longer to shove new things into it!

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