Not Rain Nor Sleet Nor Cats…

Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday! Yes, that is snow in the pictures and the jacket is actually solid black. We took the pictures on Monday while it was snowing and now Wednesday morning, APRIL 11, it is snowing as I write this. Well, we will definitely be appreciating spring when it shows up. Anticipation is the best part of anything, right? Patience is a virtue, right? It’s all about perspective, right? I’ll keep reminding myself of that!

Cute jacket for women over 40! |

Anyway, I bought this lightweight jacket as a smarter alternative to wearing a black sweater. I planned on wearing it over a dress with it unzipped, but lo and behold, it is one of those few items that I can actually zip up! And when I zipped it up it looked like a smart, coat dress that I see thinner women wearing. I love it zipped! It’s one of those items that really make me feel like a fashion blogger (as opposed to the middle-aged lady showing her work clothes which is what I usually feel like!). It’s cute. A little short but if I put a skirt on underneath that would look so cute too. I’m definitely going to show you that in a future post.

Cute jacket for women over 40! |

It also comes in a really light peach/pink, close to the color of my long drape jacket you saw here, and I’m seriously considering getting it since it is so cute. I could see myself walking down a Paris street in this outfit. Ok, that is a good image for me. I will use that as a goal! It comes in petite and plus size and they’re all 20% off right now!

Cute jacket for women over 40! |

I’m wearing my favorite booties (similar here and here) and my purse that goes with everything black but has that bit of tan to lighten it up and not look so heavy for “spring”.

Cute jacket for women over 40! |

And just in case you thought I was getting too big for my britches and being all professional and influencer-like, I’m showing you how my real life happens when I’m standing in my front yard.

Cute jacket for women over 40! |

Cute jacket for women over 40! |

Cute jacket for women over 40! |

And as the snow came down harder, we all decided to pack this up, go inside and snuggle! Sounds like a great way to end a photography session! Hope you’re having a good week and I’ll see you Friday!

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  1. Gah! I’m feeling cold just looking at your pictures! I think…THINK…we are FINALLY done with snow here on Long Island. I think.

    That coat is super cute…I’d even like to see it over jeans.



  2. I love the cats! In the first couple of pix, I thought the jacket had white spots, but that was before I realized that that was SNOW! Hang in there… Spring will get here eventually. And if not spring, then definitely summer!

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